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Economics | PhD Program

PhD in Economics

The economics PhD degree program offers a diversity of theoretical perspectives, both mainstream and heterodox, combined with rigorous technical training and a focus on policy-relevant research. The PhD program addresses contemporary policy issues facing the global economy with a uniquely-pluralistic approach. In addition to standard neoclassical economics, the program also encompasses a range of other perspectives, including post-Keynesian, institutionalist, and feminist economics. 

The strengths of the Department of Economics include development economics, international economics, labor economics, monetary economics, gender economics, comparative economic systems, economic history, and econometrics.  

American University's location in Washington, DC, provides an opportunity for students and graduates to obtain internships and employment in some of the world's most important economic institutions, including the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, research institutes, and the US Departments of the Treasury, Labor, and Commerce. Alumni of the program are employed in liberal arts colleges, research universities, government agencies, research institutes, and think tanks both in the US and international settings.  

Job Market Candidates

Job Candidates

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Postitive Prognosis

Ohan Balian

In his new book, PhD alumnus Ohan Balian offers insights on how Dubai can ensure itself a healthy economic future.

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