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MA in Film and Media Arts

SOC CEF Alaska Students Filmming

MA in Film and Media Arts (36 credits)

Full time (15 months) | Part-time (18-24 months) 

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The Master of Arts in Film and Media Arts provides students with a professional skill set in film, video, and digital media for a successfully career in the media industry. Students will receive a formal overview in media production their first year and can focus their second year in refining a skill base.

The program also is offered part-time as well.

Significant Change Proposal - Adding SIS-642 to the MA in Film and Media Arts

Significant Change Proposal - Adding SIS-642 to the MA in Game Design

Significant Change Proposal - Adding SIS-642 to the Game Design Certificate

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You master the professional skills including scriptwriting, cinematography, lighting, sound recording, and editing. In addition, you learn the historical, conceptual and aesthetic foundations and frameworks of the art form and the industry. There is also an extensive exposure to the latest in new media as it relates to effective storytelling.

Waiver for Introductory Courses

Eligible students may submit a waiver request to test out of the required introductory courses, COMM 610 Production Skills (3) and COMM 630 Principles of Photography (3), and core requirements. If the waiver is granted, students will be required to take other courses for a total of 6 credits in order to reach the 36 credit requirement for the MA in Film & Media Arts. To request a waiver send a waiver request to the School of Communication's Graduate Academic Services Office,, no later than July 21. The faculty will contact the student directly to schedule a phone/Skype interview and, if applicable, a test. The faculty will grant or deny the request for a waiver and notify the student of the outcome.

Professional Resources 

You have an opportunity for a stimulating internship with a national media company or network and also for an intensive semester in Prague. The program is very flexible to allow for general exploration in all aspects of film and video making or to allow for a concentration in one area of expertise. The award-winning faculty who teach in the program are available for advising and mentoring. All students are encouraged to participate in the courses, seminars, and screenings provided by SOC’s Center for Media & Social Impact and Center for Environmental Filmmaking.