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BA in Foreign Language & Communication Media

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BA in Foreign Language and Communication Media

Degree and Course Requirements | Financing | Info for Prospective Students

Students can earn an interdisciplinary degree in foreign language by combining their work in the School of Communication in journalism, film and media arts or public communication with a concentration in French, German, Russian, or Spanish.

A total of 54 credit hours with grades of C or better are required for the major. Students must also meet all University and General Education requirements while pursuing this degree.

Students interested in pursuing an interdisciplinary degree should contact the School of Communication's undergraduate office for help in planning their programs.

Admission to the Program

Students apply to American University, upon admission, they may choose any major offered by AU. Students are admitted either to the School of Communication or to the Department of Language and Foreign Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. Formal admission to the Foreign Language and Communication Media (FLCM) major requires a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.50. Students who are unable to achieve a 2.50 GPA and declare a major in FLCM are not allowed to take courses in the School of Communication after they have completed 60 credit hours of undergraduate credit.

Program Tracks

French, German, Russian, or Spanish combined with Broadcast Journalism, Print Journalism, Public Communication, or Film and Media Arts

For more information, contact: