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Any AU alumnus/a/i who graduated in the last 10 years and lives in the DC or NYC metropolitan areas are welcome to engage with a Young Alumni Chapter. Both chapters sponsor social, cultural, and professional events and work with other affinity groups to create meaningful programs to enrich the lives of young alumni.

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Stay Connected: Update your contact information to receive the most up-to-date emails from your chapter. Email or 202-885-5900 for assistance with your alumni profile. 

Get Involved: Attend events, connect with us on social media, and suggest resources and opportunities for alumni to consider! 
Applications for Chapter Board leadership positions are open before each new fiscal year which starts July 1. FY22 applications are now closed. If you have any questions, please email Amber McClay, Assistant Director for Student and Young Alumni Engagement at


President: Hale Diamond, SOC/BA '17  
Executive Vice President: Thomas Florczak, CAS/BA '17
Immediate Past President: Ritanch Hans, SIS/BA '13, Kogod/MS '15  
Chair, Communications: Michelle Sindyukov, SOC/BA '16  
Chair, Community Outreach: Daniela Salazar, Kogod/BS ' 16, Kogod/MS '18
Chair, Social Engagement: Mina Kato, SPA/MA '18  
Chair, Special Projects: Rebecca Bock, SIS/BA '15  

At-Large Members 
Sarah Chapell, SIS/BA '15
Kate Cornman, SIS/BA '16  
Andreas Elterich, CAS/BA '18  
Gilda Goldental-Stoecker, CAS/BA ‘18  
Meera Kallupura, SIS/BA '14  
Elizabeth Lizama, SOC/MA '19  
Andrew Valcarcel, SPA/BA '19, SOC/BA '19  
Paul Wells, SPA/BA '16, SPA/MA '17  
Stephanie Wilson, CAS/BA '16  
Michael Worley, SPA/BA ’12 

Communications Committee Members
Matt Corridoni, SPA/MA '15
Mallory Payne, SOC/MA ‘20

Community Outreach Committee Members
Jarryd Delaney, SPA/BA'19
Albert Fujii, SIS/BA '19

Social Engagement Committee Members
Kendall Jones, Kogod/BSBA '16
Sarah McKellar, SIS/BA '19
Priyanka Vakil, SIS/MA'17

Special Projects Committee Members
Joseph Alfred, SPA/BA '09
Alexis Kane, SPA/BA '19

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Our young alumni are making a difference in the DMV! Get to know them and their connections to AU below.

Know an impressive young alum? Nominate them (or yourself) to be spotlighted. Fill out this quick form, and we'll be in touch! 


President: John Antokas, Kogod/BSBA '12
VP, Communications: Joe Corcoran, SOC/BA '12
VP, Strategic Programs and Initiatives: Mia Saidel, SOC/BA '17

At-Large Members
Zachary Avis, SIS/BA '19, CAS/BA '19
Darcie Brown, Kogod/BSF ‘19
Sophie Brun  Kogod/BS ‘16
Ashlyn Dean, SPA/BA '18
Lela Feldmeier, Kogod/BSBA '14
Matthew Grossman, SPA/BA '15
Melina Hernandez, SPA/BA '17
Alexandra Kokinchak, Kogod/BS '18, CAS/BA '18
Ed Levandoski, SPA/BA '11
Jamie Martzloff, Kogod/BSBA '16
Dominic Morgan, Kogod/BSBA ‘13
Ariane Schaffer, SPA/BA '17
Nicholas Tan, KSB/BS '13
Martin Valderruten, SOC/CAS17
Krystle Walthour, SIS/BA '08, SIS/MA '10
Cory Waltrip, CAS/BS '17
Matthew Waskiewicz, SPA/BA '16

Connect with the NYC Young Alumni Chapter @AUYAC.NYC
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