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Partnership Opportunities

As part of your recruitment strategy, become a resource and ultimately a household name on campus. Build relationships with students, faculty and staff and promote your organization and opportunities through word of mouth.

Consider the following partnership opportunities, which are subject to availability, and contact Sharena Payne for more information.

Staff Information Sessions

Cultivate champions by exciting Career Center staff about your organization, substantive internships, or compelling jobs.

Request a brief on-campus meeting to present information and then remain top-of-mind by continually sharing industry news and best practices.

Workshops and Presentations

Students flock to Career Center programs to learn from industry experts.

Claim center stage and address common career development topics such as the "Job Search Crash Course" or specific areas such as "Careers on the Hill." Additionally, network with students who are drawn to your industry, organization, or occupation.

Mock Interviews

AU students know that the key to acing an interview is practice and who better to practice with than employers.

Help students, who are interested in your field, to prepare for future interviews and simultaneously identify potential candidates for your organization.

Site Visits

Expose students and Career Center staff to your organization without leaving the comforts of your office. Arrange student site visits during the academic year and host career advisors during the summer.

Student Group Collaboration

AU boasts more than 200 student clubs and organizations, many of which exist for professional development purposes.

Increase your visibility on campus and connect with target audiences by partnering with select student clubs and organizations. Search the list of AU Student Organizations for group details and contact student leaders directly to plan activities.

Center for Community Engagement & Service

Looking for AU student volunteers to help advance a campaign for social justice or community service project? Partner with AU's Center for Community Engagement & Service (CCES) to connect you to our active and engaged students! Over 3000 AU undergraduate students volunteer each year. Become a partner and let the CCES staff assist in connecting your organization to the AU students who share a passion for your cause!