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Professor Rachel Louise Snyder Named Guggenheim Fellow

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Sylvie Wickwire

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Music Grant Winners Hopeful in the Face of Uncertainty

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In the Community ·

AU Providing Emergency Resources to DC Teachers and Children

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AU Public Health Students’ Work Continues Unabated

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CAS Achievements

  • Pankaj Kumar (physics) received a grant for $112,234 from NASA for his project "Observational Determination of the Filament Channel Formation and Eruption of Solar Filament Channels”. This represents one of three years of funding with the total amounting to $341,376. April 2020

  • Maria Floro (economics) received a grant for $50,000 from the Open Society Foundation (OSF) for the project "Capacity Building for Policy Advocacy on Care”. April 2020

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Growing Passion, Reducing Impact

Being able to be part of this is just an incredible feeling.

AU becoming carbon neutral instills me with such a feeling of pride. I've worked on so many different aspects of sustainability-social media promotion, sustainability-themed trivia night, and the Waste Race, a competition between residence halls to divert trash away from landfill and into compost and recycling-so reaching this milestone still gives me goosebumps.

Learn more about ways to get involved with Sustainability at AU.