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Carmel Institute of Russian Culture & History; Susan Carmel Lerhman, Founder.

Our Mission

The Carmel Institute builds lasting connections between Russian and American youth through musical and theater performances, Russian and Soviet film screenings, conferences, student exchanges and trips, and art exhibits. The Institute offers grants to Russian and American students to study in each others' countries.

The Carmel Institute: A Video Introduction


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Fall 2019 Events

My Name is Ivan
Film Screening
18 September 2019
Russian Embassy

  • Everyday Fascism
    Film Screening
    2 October 2019
    Russian Embassy
  • Twenty Days Without War
    Film Screening
    14 November 2019
    Russian Embassy
  • Please note: These dates are for planning purposes, as they are subject to change; we will begin accepting RSVPs only after the event announcement is made via email and AU campus screens.
Ivan's Childhood Dinner

Arts ·

Growing Up Too Soon: "Ivan's Childhood" at the Russian Embassy

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