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Photograph of Mubbashir Rizvi

Mubbashir Rizvi Professorial Lecturer Department of Anthropology

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CAS - Anthropology
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Professorial Lecturer
PhD University of Texas Austin
MA University of Texas Austin
BA Brooklyn College, CUNY

Dr. Mubbashir Rizvi holds a Ph.D. in Social-Cultural Anthropology from the University of Texas-Austin, and a BA from Brooklyn College, City University of New York. His research and teaching interests span social movements, environmental justice, indigenous and peasant land rights, postcolonial militarization, race and empire. His book, The Ethics of Staying: Social Movements and Land Rights in Pakistan (Stanford University Press May 2019), examines the rise of a land rights movement that challenged the Pakistani military’s policy to privatize state-owned farms. Rizvi examines the role of social movements and technological change in shaping political agency in rural Pakistan. His research publications analyze the moral economy of infrastructure projects, the use of counter-terrorism policies to suppress peasant/indigenous demand for land rights’ and the complexities arising from civil society/ NGO involvement in grassroots struggles. His publications appear in History and Anthropology, Anthropology Today, South Asian History and Culture, Verge and Text, Performance and Practice.

Dr. Rizvi is working on several projects that bring together histories of race, indigeneity and the environment. Rizvi’s forthcoming publications, Decolonizing Waterfront through Memory Walks, is a methodological article that looks at the overlooked history of DC’s indigenous communities, black laborers and poor whites by examining the changing uses of buildings, streets, and the Potomac river through the framework of Racial capitalism. Rizvi has also recently co-edited a volume of essays on Populist Majoritarianism in South Asia and he published a research essay, “Soul to Soul: Black Expressive Cultures int the Fight Against the Muslim Ban.”

Dr. Rizvi incorporates his research interests in the courses he will teach at AU.
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Spring 2022

  • ANTH-110 Culture and Power

  • ANTH-110 Culture and Power

  • ANTH-541 Public Anthro & State Policy

Fall 2022

  • ANTH-110 Culture and Power

  • ANTH-110 Culture and Power

  • ANTH-654 Topics in Environ Anthropology: Politics of Nature