Writing Studies Program Faculty

Cynthia Bair Van Dam Hurst Sr Prof Lecturer CAS - Literature

Cindy Bair Van Dam is a compositionist who joined the Department of Literature faculty in 1995. In addition to teaching in the Writing Studies Program, Cindy is also the Chair of the AU Core Committee


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Arielle Bernstein Sr Professorial Lecturer CAS - Literature

Arielle Bernstein is a senior lecturer and co-director of the M.A. in Literature, Culture, and Technology. She teaches classes in Writing Studies, Complex Problems, and Creative Writing.She is a write


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Andrew Bertaina Adjunct Professorial Lecturer University Library

Andrew Bertaina is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Literature. He graduated with his MFA in creative writing from American University. His creative work has appeared in many publication


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Maya Brown Professorial Lecturer CAS - Literature

Maya grew up in Seattle, Washington and the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific. Technically a 7th generation Vermonter, she reluctantly moved to Vermont as a high schooler. Maya studied anthropolog


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Danielle Bryant Adjunct Instructor CAS - Literature

Rae Bryant is the author of the short story collection, The Indefinite State of Imaginary Morals (Patasola Press). Her stories, essays, and poetry have appeared in print and online at The Paris Review


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Michael Cabot Sr Professorial Lecturer CAS - Literature

A native of the State of New Mexico, Mike Cabot earned his MA from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. Before coming to AU in 2011, Mike taught courses in college writing, literature, and techn


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Amanda Choutka Sr Professorial Lecturer CAS - Literature

Amanda Choutka holds a M.F.A. in Creative Writing from American University and a B.A. in English and Creative Writing from Dickinson College. She is working on a collection of nonfiction essays about


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Edward Comstock Hurst Sr Prof Lecturer CAS - Literature

Edward Comstock holds a PhD from American University's School of Education, Teaching, and Health, as well as an MA in Literature. At the intersection of rhetoric, writing studies, educational psyc


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Charles Cox Hurst Sr Prof Lecturer CAS - Literature

Chuck Cox joined AU’s faculty in 1998, as part of the Writing Studies Program, where he teaches the full range of first-year writing courses. His writing seminars typically use pop culture to explore


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Angela Dadak International Student Coordinator CAS - Literature

In her position with American University's Writing Studies Program, Angela Dadak primarily works with international and multilingual students adjusting to US academic work and with the writing fac


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Laura Ewing Professorial Lecturer CAS - Literature

Laura Ewing's research focuses on technical communication, intercultural communication, and rhetoric & technology. Before coming to AU, Laura spent five years in Japan, writing and consulting


Lydia Fettig Hurst Sr Prof Lecturer CAS - Literature

Lydia Morris Fettig (she, her, hers) spent her early life in coastal Connecticut and upstate New York before migrating west to Oregon to complete her undergraduate work in social science at Reed Colle


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Caimeen Garrett Sr Professorial Lecturer CAS - Literature

Caimeen Garrett has an MFA in Fiction from Syracuse University, and a PhD in Creative Writing from Florida State University. Her academic interests include crime writing, the Lindbergh kidnapping, epi


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Neisha-Anne Green Director, Academic Student Services Writing Center CAS - Literature

Academic Interests: Social Justice Pedagogy, Writing Center Theory and Practice, Writing Center Tutor EducationWhat began as volunteer work has blossomed into passion for Neisha-Anne. Outside of her g


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Edward Helfers Professorial Lecturer CAS - Literature

Edward Helfers joined the Literature Department in 2015. His courses help students use the tools of rhetoric to engage in debates over ownership—of property, of culture, and of ideas. Research interes


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Chelsea Horne Professorial Lecturer CAS - Literature

Chelsea L. Horne's areas of research encompass writing, digital rhetoric, communication, information literacy, privacy, big data, and Internet governance. Recent work has appeared in <em>Tel


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Patrick Joyner Hurst Sr Prof Lecturer CAS - Literature

Patrick Kelly Joyner began teaching at American University in 2000. His writing courses have thematic links to history, linguistics, psychology, and film. He has presented at the Conference on College


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Kelsey Kerr Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

Kelsey Ann Kerr holds an M.F.A. in poetry from the University of Maryland. She earned her bachelor's in studio art and English - creative writing from Denison University. She has received scholars


George Koors Adjunct Instructor University Library

George received his Masters in English from Truman State University in 2014 and his MLIS from The Catholic University of America in 2017. In 2015, he published his first novel Always the Wanderer. He


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Mary Markakis Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

Mary Markakis earned a B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy from Syracuse University, an M.A. in Literature from George Mason University, and an MFA in Writing from George Mason University. She’s


Sarah Marsh Sr Professorial Lecturer CAS - Literature

Sarah Marsh is appointed jointly in AU's Department of Literature and Department of Critical Race, Gender, and Culture Studies, where she teaches courses in eighteenth-century literature and cultu


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Jocelyn McCarthy Sr Professorial Lecturer CAS - Literature

Jocelyn McCarthy teaches in the Writing Studies Program, and writes fiction and nonfiction. She received her BA in English from Cornell University and her MFA in Creative Writing from American Univers


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Glenn Moomau Hurst Sr Prof Lecturer CAS - Literature

Glenn Moomau is the author of Ted Nugent Condominium: From Boston to Austin with the Glenmont Popes (AP Press, 2001). His fiction, essays, and reviews have appeared in storySouth, Memoir Journal, Art


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Kristina Oakes Sr Professorial Lecturer CAS - Literature

Kristina Kasik Oakes earned her MA from Boston College and her BA from the University of New Hampshire. Prior to teaching at AU she taught high school English in Central Virginia and writing at Centra


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Patricia Reichler Adjunct Professorial Lect CAS - Literature

Trisha Reichler joined the College Writing faculty in 2003. Her primary areas of interest are post-modernist literature and the writings of emerging, intersectional resistance movements.


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Melissa Scholes Young Assoc Professor CAS - Literature

Melissa Scholes Young is the author of the novels The Hive and Flood, and editor of Grace in Darkness and Furious Gravity, two anthologies by women writers. She is a contributing editor at Fiction Wri


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Mary Switalski Sr Professorial Lecturer CAS - Literature

Mary Switalski began teaching at AU in 2007 while completing her MFA. She earned her BA in English Literature with a Creative Writing Subconcentration from the University of Michigan. She has also tau


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Adam Tamashasky Sr Professorial Lecturer CAS - Literature

Adam has been with the College Writing Program since 2004. He graduated from the University of Dayton in 1999 with a BA in English, then came to AU's MFA Program. His poetry recently appeared in t


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Alison Thomas Hurst Sr Prof Lecturer CAS - Literature

Alison Thomas has taught at AU since 2005, and has offered courses in the Department of Literature and in the American Studies Program. Her research focuses on information literacy and the teaching of


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Sarah Trembath Professorial Lecturer CAS - Literature

Sarah Trembath is an editor, writer, and educator. She has been teaching since 1998 and joined the AU faculty in 2014. Her written work has appeared in Radical Teacher, the Santa Fe Writer’s Project Q


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Katherine Wilson Associate Chair, Literature CAS - Literature

Kate Wilson double-majored in music and English at Stanford University and holds an MA in Medieval Studies and PhD in English from The Catholic University of America. Her research interests include me


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Lacey Wootton Director, Writing Studies Program CAS - Literature

Lacey Wootton completed her MA in Literature at AU in 1999 and has taught in the Writing Studies Program since then. Prior to her time at AU, she earned a BA in English from U.C. Berkeley, worked in p


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