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  • Bei Xiao was awarded $420K from the NIH/National Eye Institute to support the project "Learning diagnostic latent representations for human material perception: common mechanisms and individual variability."
  • CAS students Madeleine Danzberger and Kennedy Smith won the first annual Sustainability Invent-a-thon.
  • Neuroscience PhD candidate Chenxi Liao published the cover story in PLOS Computational Biology: "Unsupervised learning reveals interpretable latent representations for translucency perception." 
  • Check out Prof. Silvina Guidoni on solar physics in the Voyage to the Sun documentary.
  • Tracy Weitz received a $500,000 award from the Hewlett Foundation for "Ensuring the timely share and use of information about changes in the US abortion landscape.” 
  • Michael Robinson received a $94,000 award (funded over three years for a total of $284,633) from the Office of Naval Research for “Topological Acoustical Feature Extraction and Exploitation.” 
  • Karen Knee and collaborators were awarded a three-year, $700,000 NSF grant to study emissions of methane from trees.
  • Leah Ding received a $160,000 award from NASA for “Accelerating NASA's Earth and Heliophysics Scientific Research with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms.”
  • David Kearns (Psychology) received a grant for $320,305 (funded over five years for a total of $1,601,079) from the National Institute on Drug Abuse for "Opioid and Psychostimulant Taking: Testing the Impact of Behavioral Economic Contexts."
Filbert St. Garden

CAS Faculty Lead Research on Reducing Food Waste

$15 million NSF grant to develop both market and policy solutions.

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