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Digital Technology Generalist (Undergraduate Certificate) [CAS]

Offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, the Digital Technology Generalist (Undergraduate Certificate) is designed for students seeking to acquire digital technology skills required by employers across a broad range of professions. Students completing the program have fulfilled the requirements for the Digital Technology Generalist Credential of the Greater Washington Partnership (GWP).

Admission to the Program

Open to undergraduate degree and nondegree students.

Certificate Requirements

  • 16 credit hours of approved coursework with grades of C or better. Grades of C- or D in certificate program courses are not accepted toward the fulfillment of certificate requirements, although these grades will be included in the calculation of the GPA. Students must have a minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA in certificate courses in order to be awarded a certificate. Students in certificate programs must take a minimum of 6 credit hours during each 12-month period and complete the certificate in four years. International students must enroll in 12 credit hours each semester (except for summer)

Course Requirements

Probability and Statistics (4 credit hours)

Complete 4 credit hours from the following:

Data Manipulation and Data Ethics (3 credit hours)

Complete 3 credit hours from the following:

Data Security (3 credit hours)

Data Visualization and Communication (3 credit hours)

Complete 3 credit hours from the following:

Data Analytics (3-4 credit hours)

Complete 3-4 credit hours from one of the following:

Arts and Humanities