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Preparing to Graduate Eligibility

Before you can participate in commencement, you must be cleared to graduate. Follow these steps to confirm your eligibility to graduate and participate in commencement.

Students must complete the Application to Graduate form on Eagle Service. Applicants who are not made eligible, may result in the student's name being omitted from the commencement program and other materials and delay the student's ability to order regalia.

The university strictly enforces the policy for participation in commencement. 

Next Steps

Participating in Commencement

After you have been cleared to graduate you can complete the next steps to participate in commencement. Ordering your regalia serves as your registration to participate in commencement.

Commencement ceremonies are held twice a year:

  • Fall Commencement – for August, Term 3, Term 4, and December graduates
  • Spring Commencement – for Term 1, May, and Term 2 graduates

Your name and academic program will be published in the commencement program exactly as they appear on your graduation application on Eagle Service

Undergraduate students who are projected to graduate with Latin Honors or University Honors may pick up a gold cord. Eligible students will receive an update to their AU email account and will have a notation of their Honors status in the commencement program. The notation of Honors in the commencement program and the distribution of gold cords is based on grades from the semester prior to the semester in which the student graduates, since the commencement ceremony occurs before final grades for the student’s last semester have been recorded.

The diploma and transcript are the only official means of certification and reflect all course work counted toward the degree. If a student is found to have met the requirements for Latin Honors or University Honors after your final semester grades are applied, it will be noted on the diploma and transcript. For additional information about academic honors, see the Undergraduate Academic Rules and Regulations (section 5.5, Latin Honors). Master's and doctoral degree recipients are not eligible to receive Latin Honors.

Next steps after graduation?

Not sure about your next steps after graduation? Contact the Career Center, the Kogod Office of Career Engagement or the SIS Office of Career Development for help with your job search or applying for graduate/professional school.

Apply to Graduate

Confirm your eligibility and apply to graduate. This triggers an academic audit to confirm you’ve met the requirements to have your degree awarded.

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Only eligible graduates will be able to order their regalia on Herff-Jones site. 

The link will be available by fall 2022.

Ticket Information

Tickets will be required for admittance to all commencement ceremonies. Tickets will be distributed to students who have registered to participate in commencement by ordering their cap and gown.

Ticket Rules