Alumni Information

Congratulations on your achievements. The American University Alumni Association serves more than 135,000 alumni worldwide through local, regional, and international programming. In addition to excellent benefits and services, AU’s Alumni Association offers volunteer, networking, and mentoring opportunities. Find out how to connect to your alumni community as a graduating student.

Alumni Email

Convert your student email account to an alumni account to maintain access following your graduation from AU. To activate your alumni email, log into the portal at, click on the Academics menu under Personalized Links on the left, then click Get Your Alumni Email. Opt-in before December of the year you graduate; December grads will have until the following year. A reminder email and additional details will be sent out in October. For questions, email


A long-standing tradition at AU, the class gift enables graduating students to leave a tangible imprint on the university. The Class of 2021 has created a legacy as diverse and distinctive as its members. The Student Philanthropy Council commends American University’s Class of 2022 and has provided medals of recognition to all Class of 2022 donors as they join generations of alumni who show their pride in and commitment to AU through philanthropic support every year. To receive a medal, make a gift to any area of AU that is meaningful to you. Thank you to all our graduating student donors, and good luck!