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Service Interruptions/Planned Outages/Project Updates

Meter Replacements for Leonard/Asbury...Affecting Osborn 

December 19 from 5am to 8am,  Facility Management will replace the electric meters at Leonard and Asbury. Emergency generators will serve the emergency exits and egress lights during the power outage. Please share this information as you see fit.

The power outage will affect the following buildings:

  • Leonard
  • Asbury
  • Osborn. 

Dennis Smith is overseeing this project and can be reached at 202-885-3164 or by email (

Annual Fire Testing

The annual fire alarm testing for residence halls and the east campus complex Audible and Visual devices will be tested on December 19th and 20th. During the testing of A/V devices bells/speakers will sound and strobes will flash, both intermittently.

Carl Spence is overseeing this project and can be reached at 202-885-6324 or by email (

The testing timeframes for A/V devices in each building is as follows:

December 19th

8am – 11am Letts, Anderson, Centennial

11am – 11:30am Roper Hall

12pm – 3pm East Campus


December 20th

8am – 9am Hughes Hall

9am – 10am   McDowell Hall

10am – 11am   Leonard Hall

11am – 12pm   Cassell Hall

1pm – 2pm   Nebraska Hall


Letts Partial Power Outage Dec. 20

Tuesday December 20th some electrical emergency system equipment will be replaced in Letts Hall. The work will take place starting approximately 6am and last approximately 8 -10hrs. To perform the replacement for equipment upgrade, a couple outages of the emergency backup circuits need to occur. The emergency circuits are expected to be without power for approximately 30min for each outage. Circuits not on emergency backup should not be affected by this replacement. The outages for emergency circuits are expected to start at approximately 7am and again at the end of the day to switch power over. Again, each outage will be approximately 30 minutes. We will push to shorten the time frame and minimize the impact, but we very much do have to keep safety in mind as we upgrade the system equipment. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Carl Spence is overseeing this project and can be reached at 202-885-6324 or by email (

Kay Spiritual Wheelchair Lift

February 17, the wheelchair lift at Kay Spiritual will be out of service for repairs.  Disability access using the lift will not be available for those who need to reach the lower floor. 

Steve Kriesten is overseeing this repair and can be reached at 202-885-2304 or by email,