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Memorandum November 2, 2022

AU Faculty and Staff
Bronté Burleigh-Jones, CFO, Vice President of Finance and Treasurer; 
Vin Harkins, Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management
Campus Surplus Furniture Portal Available Now

The Facilities Management department’s Zero Waste Office is pleased to announce the launch of a new and improved Campus Surplus Furniture Portal where faculty and staff may request and donate furniture for their workspaces.  The ability to redistribute furniture within campus allows us to make strides towards American University’s zero-waste goals as well as reduce expenses.    

To select or request items for your workspaces and to post items you may want to donate, simply visit the Campus Surplus Furniture Portal where available furniture will be listed and complete the Furniture Request or Surplus Donation forms.  There is no cost for the items in the surplus system, although there may be a charge if assembly is required.    

You also may request items not listed in the inventory.  If an item becomes available, Support Services staff will fulfill your requests prior to entering it to the available inventory list. Please note that adding an item does not guarantee that it will be requested, and similarly, requesting an item does not guarantee its availability.   If you need an item of furniture removed immediately, submit a 2fix request.  

For questions about Surplus Furniture portal, please contact the Zero Waste Manager at