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Memorandum October 11, 2022

AU Community
Michael Scher, Assistant Vice President Campus Auxiliary Services and Airlie;
Ann Marie Powell, Senior Director, Dining & Auxiliary Services
EagleBucks Program Updates

We are pleased to announce that American University has partnered with DishOut to provide merchant technology services for our EagleBucks off-campus merchant program. EagleBucks provides our community with a convenient, cashless way to make purchases on and off campus. This past June, as part of our first step in a long-term plan to strengthen and improve the user experience with the University One Card, we also launched a new integrated campus One Card transaction management platform, Atrium. The addition of our Dishout partnership is the next step in our plan.

On campus, EagleBucks may be used at all dining locations, The Bridge and The Davenport Lounge, campus store, laundry services in residence halls, printing services, vending machines, and for library charges. In addition, 18 off-campus businesses currently accept Eaglebucks. Our new partnership with Dishout also enables EagleBucks to be used for Grubhub food delivery from off campus and to expedite food pick-up orders from venues on campus.

We expect to recruit more merchant partners in the coming weeks as we grow our off-campus program for the AU community. As part of our outreach efforts, we are seeking a new grocery store partner to replace Whole Foods. Earlier this year, Whole Foods canceled its participation in university off-campus merchant programs nationwide. We will share an update on our efforts in the spring. 

As we continue to invest in and grow our Eaglebucks program, we invite the AU community to suggest businesses for us to recruit into the Program with our One Card Office via email at

For more information about Eaglebucks, you can visit us online at

You can find a list of our current off-campus partners at