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Memorandum February 27, 2023

Campus race to zero waste

Dear AU Community,

We are halfway through the Campus Race to Zero Waste competition, which runs until March 25. To advance in our zero-waste journey, we are seeking participation from our entire AU community.

Thank you to everyone who is participating by sorting and reducing their waste. AU’s Zero Waste team is tracking the amount of waste sent to compost, recycling, and landfill and reporting weekly on our progress on the Office of Sustainability homepage.

I’d like to recognize our student Compost Crew, who, together with our AU Dining staff, are responsible for composting food scraps in AU’s kitchens. Thanks to their hard work, AU is ranked number four for organics in the competition. Using the compost bins across campus for your food waste can help us climb to the number one spot.

To date, AU keeps about 18 percent of its waste out of the landfill by donating leftover food, composting food waste, and recycling. We know that if everyone sorts their waste appropriately, we can improve and keep more than 50 percent of our waste out of landfills.

You can help AU climb in the rankings by getting involved. Here’s how:

  • Join our social media competition by snapping a picture of yourself reducing your waste or sorting it correctly into the proper waste bins and send it on Instagram to @thegreenau or email us at The winner will receive a sustainability prize pack!
  • Connect with your friends and colleagues and let them know we all play a role in the Race to Zero Waste competition.
  • Check out our waste sorting guides to ensure you are correctly disposing of compostable and recyclable materials.
  • Participate in an office supply swap on March 14 and 15 in MGC, open to faculty and staff.
  • Take part in a clothing swap on the quad the week after spring break, open to students.

Thank you for your continued effort in helping our campus remain committed to sustainability.  


Megan Litke
Director of Sustainability