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Memorandum February 1, 2023

American University Community
Bronté Burleigh-Jones, CFO, Vice President and Treasurer
Installation of Period Product Dispensers

Dear AU Community,

I am pleased to share that we will begin installing period product dispensers on Monday, February 6.

Last semester, we updated the community that we would begin offering period products at no cost in over 330 restrooms across campus. This is in response to the passage of the 2022 Period Products Act by the DC City Council. A working group of students and staff carefully considered and recommended the selection of dispensers and products based on the needs of the AU community, while considering availability, maintenance, aesthetics, and cost. 

Next week, two architect and contractor teams will begin installing dispensers across the campus. Generally, the work is expected to take approximately two hours for each restroom. During the time that the installations are being completed in each restroom, it will be temporarily closed. These teams will announce entry before entering any restrooms. In the cases of residence halls, the teams will be accompanied by a representative from Facilities Maintenance.

Once the dispensers are installed, we expect them to be stocked with products and available to the community for use within 24 hours. The project is expected to be completed by March 14.

Thank you.


Bronté Burleigh-Jones
CFO, Vice President and Treasurer