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Memorandum November 8, 2022

Dear AU Community,

We want to update you on the Leonard Hall investigation, the coordinated processes underway by AUPD and the Office of Equity and Title IX, and a new online information resource for the community.

Latest on the Investigation

The joint AUPD and Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) investigation began immediately after the incident occurred in the early morning of October 31 and has been ongoing. The evidence collected at the scene, including DNA swabs and fingerprint recovery, has been sent for forensic examination. That process requires additional time to receive results, as it is works through agencies outside the university.

The students reporting the incident and several witnesses have been interviewed. Information received from the community through emails and the tip line has been assessed within the investigation. Video from the extensive on-campus security camera system has been reviewed and segments relevant to the investigation have been preserved and cataloged. The AUPD and MPD investigators assigned to the case continue to work collaboratively to identify and engage persons of interest and follow up on all leads. Together, we are moving as quickly as possible to bring the case to resolution.

If any member of the community has information about this incident, please call the AUPD investigations line at 202-885-2999, email, or provide anonymous tips through the Rave Guardian safety app. We appreciate the community’s assistance.

Joint Efforts of AUPD and the Office of Equity and Title IX

The AUPD/MPD investigation works alongside the ongoing process of the Office of Equity and Title IX. Information is shared among the teams for coordination, consistency, and support for the individuals involved.

The Office of Equity and Title IX manages our efforts to prevent and respond to discrimination, harassment, and sexual assault. This chart outlines the steps in a Title IX complaint. When a complaint is filed, the team conducts informational meetings with the community members involved and offers supportive measures. This work is trauma-informed so the individuals are supported through the process.

Importantly, a Title IX complaint cannot move into the informal or formal resolution phase until an alleged perpetrator (called a respondent in this process) is officially identified. Until there is a named perpetrator for the complaint, the Office of Equity and Title IX’s work focuses on supporting the affected students in partnership with other campus offices. Any results of the AUPD/MPD investigation that identify potential perpetrators will be provided to the Office of Equity and Title IX for the complaint process. Actions may also be pursued under the university’s student conduct code and/or university employment policies if applicable.

Additionally, the Office of Campus Life is providing support through meetings with students, outreach from resident assistants and community directors, and coordination with the Office of Equity and Title IX.

Community Information Website

To help keep the community informed, we created a website with the information available to date, details on the investigatory and Title IX processes, and resources for student support and campus safety. The website will be updated as new details emerge and additional information will be shared with the community throughout this week as our efforts move forward.Sincerely,

Phil Morse
Assistant Vice President, University Police Services and Emergency Management

Leslie Annexstein
Assistant Vice President for Equity and Title IX Coordinator