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2019 Maria Bueno Lifetime Achievement Award Staff Performance Awards

Larry McCarthy

Child Development Center

The American University Child Development Center’s philosophy is that kids
learn best through play, and Lawrence is a shining example of how that philosophy works. Often, children prefer to continue playing and learning with him rather than leaving when their parents arrive to pick them up. Lawrence is right there with the children, gently tossing a ball, inventing a new game, and frequently dealing with the many kids who just seem to want to hang on to him.

In Lawrence’s thirty years at the Child Development Center, he has made a tremendous impact on a generation of children. Although what he does every day is extremely challenging, Lawrence brings a calm confidence to the job and makes it look easy. Lawrence embodies all that is great about the CDC and American University. His dedication, thoughtfulness, and affection for the children of our AU community extend far beyond the time that the children are in his care.

In recognition of his exceptional service to the families and children who attend and have attended the Child Development Center, American University is pleased to present Lawrence McCarthy with the 2019 Maria Bueno Lifetime Achievement Award.