Service to the AU Community Award

Tiana Hakimzadeh
Office of Enrollment

Tiana has overseen the campus visit experience over the past two years, ensuring the safety of staff and visitors while providing prospective students and families with the best possible experience on AU’s campus.

Tiana restructured the Student Ambassador program by transforming the 100+ volunteer organization into a 40-person paid program, increasing motivation and engagement among the student workers. Additionally, she created a new process that decreased the time to train new tour guides by 75%, increasing visitor capacity without sacrificing the quality of Ambassadors’ tours.

AU received a record-breaking 20,300 applications this year, and much of the increase can be attributed to the positive campus visit experiences.

Sumaira Akber
School of Communication.

In the fall of 2021, Sumaira found herself short-staffed in the SOC's Office of Student and Academic Affairs. In addition to her responsibilities, Sumaira assumed her former supervisor’s duties and provided academic advising to 300 students.

Sumaira shouldered these responsibilities for six months, ensuring that students, faculty, and colleagues continued to receive services from the office. Sumaira did all this with an even disposition and the student experience in mind.

Amanda Steadman
University Library

Amanda is recognized for her outstanding service to the Department of Performing Arts (DPA) faculty and students. She provided a range of support, from helping the Applied Music Lab prepare for hybrid instruction to managing a class of 121 students when the DPA lost its graduate TA.

Amanda helped create a gathering place where young artists of the DPA can exchange ideas, practice their instruments, learn their lines, and hone their craft. Amanda also co-created and administers the DPA/Music Library’s “Soundbites” series, an informal lunchtime series that provides a performance outlet for DPA students and faculty.

The Service to the AU Community Award is given to a staff member or group who responds to institutional priorities, either planned or extraordinary, that transcend everyday job responsibilities and who achieves outstanding results.

Staff Awards Ceremony


The finalists and winners of the 2022 Staff Awards are announced on Thursday, June 9, 2022, at 1:00pm.

2022 Service to the AU Community Award Nominees

  • Sumaira Akber
  • Julie Coe
  • Arij Farran
  • Gabriella Folsom
  • Tiana Hakimzadeh*
  • Irina Komives
  • Matthew Lantry
  • Courtney Schrader
  • Amanda Steadman

*2022 Service to the AU Community Award Winner