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Honors Advising

Welcome to the Honors advising page. You can find information about graduation requirements, Good Standing requirements, and course registration here. If you have further questions, contact - we're happy to help!

Course Registration

Honors students receive the benefit of priority registration. Course registration times are assigned based on the number of credits students have completed.
To give Honors students priority, fifteen "ghost" credits are temporarily added to the number of credits Honors students have already completed. This helps students register as if they have completed an extra semester of credits. Ghost credits are added after a student's first semester in the Honors program. 
Note: Priority registration does not change students' position on a course wait list, nor does it guarantee an Honors student will have a seat in a non-Honors course.

Students are expected to register themselves for all Honors courses.


Graduation Requirements

Students must complete the following requirements in order to receive the Honors notation on their transcript:  

  • Complete the entire Honors Curriculum 
  • Minimum 3.50 cumulative GPA 

First-Year Advising

All first-year AU students receive a first-year advisor based on intened major who also teaches their AUx1 course.