Summer Hours 2019 May 13th - August 8th

9 am - 9 pm
9 am - 9 pm
9 am - 9 pm
9 am - 9 pm
9 am - 6 pm
11 am - 6 pm
11 am - 6 pm
Monday, May 27th (Memorial Day) - CLOSED
Thursday, July 4th (Independence Day) - CLOSED

Overnight Access (Fall and spring semester)

Overnight hours run from 11:00pm to 7:00am the following morning. This schedule may be interrupted for holidays, breaks, and unscheduled closures for weather. During overnight periods, building use is reserved for AU students, staff, and faculty. Staff may ask visitors present in the building to provide confirmation of their status with their AU ID.

During the overnight hours the doors to the building will be locked. The building can be accessed by "touching" an AU ID to the small black box mounted on the accessibility pole outside the building. Overnight staff cannot remotely unlock the doors from the information desk.

Community members, AU alumni, parents, members of groups such as OLLI, and other non-affiliated visitors to campus are not permitted access during overnight hours. The overnight staff reserve the right to remove such patrons, or any others deemed disruptive to academic activities from the building.

Overnight Services (fall and spring semester)

Only the GRC desk and the information desk are staffed during overnight operations. Overnight staff can offer basic technological troubleshooting support, including help with internet connectivity, printers, and with non-specialized software. In addition, chat services are available overnight during the semester if you need help finding resources for your paper.

Laptops, headphones, tablets, phone and computer chargers, and flash drives can be checked out from the technology services desk overnight before 10:30pm. These items may have limited availability after 11:00pm from the information desk, becoming available to check out as they are returned. Borrowed technology items can be returned at the information desk when the technology services desk is closed.

Materials from the general collection can still be checked out using the self-check machine by the borrowing desk. Materials on Course Reserve can be pulled by our staff most nights, dependent on staffing levels and how busy the building is.

Between 11:00pm and 7:00am, collaborative work rooms operate on a first come, first served, basis. Adaptive technology rooms are available for overnight use by users authorized by ASAC. However, we do not make overnight reservations.

For other inquires about overnight services or policies call x3232 or contact Overnight Operations Coordinator Colleen Wanner at

MudBox Cafe Hours

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