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Due to COVID-19, as of 6:00 PM, Sunday, March 15, 2020 Media Services is closed to non-library personnel. Patrons in need of assistance should contact Thank you for your flexibility during this time.

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Fall 2020

Media Services is operating through curbside pickup only. Call to request same day pickup. When you arrive at the library, call from the front of the building, and Media Service staff will bring you your items contact free.
Media Services cubside
pickup - (202)885-3229 

Our Mission

The Media Services Unit develops and maintains a collection of media materials; offers media related services; and provides classrooms, equipment, and other playback facilities in support of the academic and staff development programs of the University.


Streaming Video
Access thousands of videos, off campus or on campus - 24/7
Streaming Guide
Brief lists of streaming videos by topic. If you regularly use Media Services DVDs in your classroom, this guide can offer online streaming video alternatives.
Visual Media
A collection of 16,000+ DVDs to support AU academic programs.
Sound Effects
Effects on CDs and online free to use in student projects, films, and presentations.
Home Use
10,000+ DVDs, feature films and docs that students can take out of the library.
Compilations of our holdings in many commonly taught subject areas.
Browsable Collections
Browse picks from the Home Use Collection by topic area. Over 30 boards -Animation, Arab Cinema, Film Noir and many more.


General Services
Information about borrowing policies, presentation materials, and forms/requests.
Faculty Services
Faculty borrowing, curriculum design assistance, purchase requests, classrooms, etc.
On-site Viewing
Set up screenings for your class or watch material on your own in the Library.
Searching Tips
Helpful tips to improve your search results when using the media search box.