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Submitting Course Reserves

Instructors can request reserve materials by using the Library Course Reserves management system (Ares) in Canvas.

Getting Started

  1. Log in to your Canvas account using your university login credentials. 
  2. Under "My Courses", select the course that you want to request items for. 
  3. In your course, select "Course Reserves" from the left menu bar. This will open the course reserves module. If the Course Reserves button is not available, please contact Library Reserves staff at 
  4. You can now submit and manage your course reserve items. 

NOTE: As an instructor, you will be able to view all requests no matter their status. However, your students will only be able to view requests that are available electronically or can be borrowed from the Circulation and Course Reserve desk

Full Books on Reserve

The library is committed to providing equitable access to required course materials whenever possible. We will prioritize linking ebooks to courses in Canvas from our ebook collection (current titles or ones that we can purchase an electronic license). If an ebook license for institution-wide use is not available, the physical copy will be placed on reserves and students can borrow them for a limited loan period (3 hours or 1 day) from our Circulation and Course Reserves desk. Reserves staff will pull books from the library stacks, recall books which are currently checked out or rush purchase books which the library does not own. Materials from other schools cannot be put on reserve at AU. 

  1. Click on “Add Reserves Items” at the top. 
  2. Select the Book form and fill out as much information as you can about the book you would like to request. 
  3. If you would like a book to be held at the Music Library in Katzen for your students to check out, please select Katzen Music Library from the dropdown menu for Item Location. 

Electronic Holdings on Reserve 

  • Book Chapters: To request book excerpts, click on the Chapter form and provide as much information as possible. Due to copyright restrictions, we can generally only scan smaller portions of a title for E-Reserves. 
  • Articles: If you would like us to create links to items from the Library's electronic holdings, click on the Article form. Please provide as much information as possible. Reserves staff will locate the article and make it available either as a web link or as a pdf file. 
  • Streaming Video: To request a streaming video from the library catalog, click on the Media form. On the subsequent page, select "Streaming through Canvas." 
  • Other: For other items, such as government documents or unpublished papers, Click on the Other form. Be sure to indicate how the item will be supplied and a web address if necessary. 

Cloning Previously Used Items

If you would like to clone items from previous semesters, go to your current or upcoming semester's Canvas course page and click on the "Add Reserve Items” button. Below the request forms, you will see a list of courses you have previously taught. Click on the "Import Items" link next to the course you would like the readings from. 
If you would like to clone items from one section to another in the same semester, please contact Library Reserves staff at

Other Features of Course Reserves in Canvas

  • Item Tags: An instructor can "tag" any reserve item to identify weeks, topics, papers etc. For example, one article can be tagged "Week 1," "Napoleon," and "midterm" to help student sort materials. Instructors can add tags either while filling out their initial request or later on by clicking on an item from their item list. Instructors and students can also make their own personal tags on items which cannot be seen by anyone else. 
  • Processing Status: Once you have submitted your reserve items, they will display in a list within your account. You can check the processing status of items in your list, making any changes as needed. 
  • Email Alerts: You can also register for e-mail notices through the Library Course Reserves Management system. An e-mail will be sent to you whenever your course reserves are updated by you, your TAs, or Library reserves staff. Your students can also sign up for this feature so they can learn when reserve items are available. 
  • Student View: If you would like to review how students will see your course reserves list, select "Switch to Student Mode" in the Library Course Reserves menu. Please note that students will only see course reserve items that are available. 
  • File Upload: Instructors can upload files directly from their computer into the Course management module by clicking on the File Upload form. Uploaded files are available immediately and instructors are responsible for ensuring adherence with university copyright policies. 


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