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Overview of Doctoral Training Programs

We are delighted that you are interested in the training programs offered at the American University (AU) Counseling Center! The programs at the center are designed to provide training to exceptional graduate students in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, or other related fields. Clinical trainees participate in ongoing seminars, individual and group supervision, outreach and consultation activities, and the delivery of psychological services to American University students.

Practicum clinical trainees are students in their first year of the Clinical Psychology Doctoral (PhD) Program at American University.

Externs are advanced doctoral students in Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, or other related fields from institutions in the DC area. Please visit our Externship Program page for more information, or contact Dr. Joshua DeSilva, Associate Director for Training at 202-885-3500 or

The Counseling Center’s doctoral internship program has been APA-accredited since 2001. Doctoral Interns are advanced students in Clinical or Counseling Psychology Doctoral Programs. They participate in the same activities as professional staff at the center. Please visit our Internship Program page for more information, or contact Dr. Joshua DeSilva, Associate Director for Training at 202-885-3500 or

As a center, we are committed to creating an environment that is both welcoming and affirming where everyone feels valued and celebrated. We engage in regular self-reflection in addition to challenging and supporting one another around issues of multicultural competence and cultural humility, and we expect this of our clinical trainees as well. Everyone at the center is expected to adhere to our Values and Diversity Statement.

The Counseling Center staff is committed to creating a welcoming and affirming space where all members of the American University community are valued and celebrated. We strive to promote the educational success of students by supporting their intellectual, emotional, and social development through the provision of culturally aware clinical services, including: individual and group psychotherapy, outreach programming, consultation, and training opportunities. We are a multicultural and multi-theoretical staff who deeply value our global and diverse community. We take a stand against discrimination and oppression in any form. Since we recognize that not all diversity is universally valued, we feel a special obligation as a mental health agency to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for all our students.