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Counseling Center Handouts

Below are links to handouts and worksheets on a variety of mental health topics. You can also check out selected online resources via our Pinterest account @aucounselingctr. The Counseling Center does does not monitor or endorse the following materials. They should be used for educational purposes only and not as a substitute for professional intervention. 

A more comprehensive collection of handouts can be found in our Center's Resource Library (MGC 214). Links to national websites with mental health resources can also be found by clicking on the resources below.

If you have any questions about these materials, please do not hesitate to contact the Counseling Center at 202-885-3500. More information about the Center's services can be located on our website.

Handouts and Worksheets

20 Time Management Tips
A Few Relaxation Exercises
Are You Stressed? Worksheet
Being Assertive, Saying No
Communicating Effectively
Coping with a Sudden Terrible Event
Elements of Effective Listening
Fighting Fair
Healing a Broken Heart
Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships
Missing Home
Recovering Emotionally from a Disaster
Relaxation Techniques
Relax Your Stress Away
Reverse Culture Shock
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Self-Care Assessment Worksheet
Tips to Manage Procrastination
Transitioning to College: Tips

Online Resources

Find a therapist HERE

Check out selected online resources through our Pinterest account @aucounselingctr

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Stop by our Resource Library for materials that may be of interest to you or someone you know.

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