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Office of Campus Life Departments

The departments and units of the Office of Campus Life work to integrate students into a diverse university community; promote their intellectual, social, and spiritual development; and, in collaboration with the faculty, prepare students for lifelong learning and global citizenship.

Fanta Aw Vice President of Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence Butler Pavilion 401; ph: (202)885-3310

The Office of the Vice President is responsible for the oversight of Campus Life departments and the development and implementation of policies and procedures that shape and guide student life. As a member of the President's Cabinet, the Vice President works closely with student leaders to advocate for the interests and needs of students in institutional planning and the administration of university policies and programs.

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Jeffrey BrownDean of StudentsButler 408; ph: (202)885-3300

The Office of the Dean of Students supports student learning through programs and services that promote growth and development, communicate the values and standards of the AU community, and advocate for students’ needs. The office helps students with personal challenges, such as hospitalization, injury, extended illness, family problems and mental health concerns that affect academics, and makes referrals to campus resources to support academic and personal success.

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Marcy Campos Director Mary Graydon Center 273; ph: (202) 885-SERV(7378)

CCES offers programs and resources to connect students to volunteer and service-learning opportunities in the Washington, D.C., community and beyond. Programs include Welcome Week’s Explore DC service experiences, DC Reads tutoring, the Community Service-Learning Program (CSLP), the Eagle Endowment for Public and Community Service, and the Alternative Breaks Program.

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Robin AdamsDirector, Educational Programs and Training

Mary Graydon Center 201/202; ph: (202) 885-3651

CDI’s mission is to advance AU’s commitment to respecting and valuing diversity by serving as a resource for students, staff and faculty on issues of equity through education, outreach and advocacy. The center is dedicated to enhancing LGBTQ, multicultural, first generation and women’s experiences on campus; promoting student retention, graduation and academic achievement; and collaborating with campus partners, in particular those who work with international students, students with disabilities and students with active religious affiliations, to create a safe, supportive and empowering community for all.

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Ayana Wilson Director Mary Graydon Center 274; ph: (202)885-3390

The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) is the hub for the student experience at American University. CSI facilitates leadership development, organizational advising, and programs that help foster a sense of belonging for the next generation of change makers.

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Jeffrey VolkmannExecutive Director Mary Graydon Center 214; ph: (202)885-3500

Counseling Center offers individual and group counseling, workshops, referrals, self-help materials, and classes and workshops on topics related to psychological well-being (e.g., stress and anxiety, culture shock/adjustment, depression, eating and body-image concerns, alcohol and drug use, etc.). The Counseling Center staff includes psychologists and graduate-level trainees. Counseling services are confidential, in accordance with professional and legal standards, and are free of charge.

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Pritma (Mickey) Irizarry Director Hughes Hall 105; ph: (202)885-3276

The Health Promotion and Advocacy Center provides health education resources and programs for AU students. Its mission is to provide students with wellness resources; promote healthy lifestyles; reduce risk behaviors; and offer a safe, non-discriminatory environment. Health education is based on the philosophy that wellness encompasses many dimensions including physical, emotional, spiritual and social wellness. The primary goal of the Health Promotion and Advocacy Center is to help students develop positive, healthy lifestyles that will endure throughout their lives. The center also provides confidential victim advocates through its Office of Advocacy Services for Interpersonal and Sexual Violence (OASIS):; 202-885-7070.

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Lisa Freeman Director of Residence Life Ryan Cohenour
Director of HousingAnderson Hall; ph: (202)885-3370

Housing and Residence Life is committed to providing inclusive, student-centered residential communities that enhance the academic experience of each resident. Through quality services including on-campus housing, residential programs, involvement opportunities, and off-campus resources, our goal is to allow students to focus on their academic pursuits in and out of the classroom. Our team is committed to providing meaningful student experiences in the residence halls and on-campus, while encouraging students to learn and grow together in community.

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Senem Bakar Director Butler Pavilion 410; ph:(202)885-3350

To cultivate academic success and personal development for international students and scholars, ISSS strives to provide immigration services and cultural guidance to the university community by educating, advocating and training while complying with federal regulations governing international education exchange.

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Bryant Oskvig
Scholar-in-Residence and Acting Chaplain

Kay Center; ph: (202)885-3320

Kay is home to a rich array of faith communities and fosters a climate of interfaith understanding and cooperation. It serves as a crossroads where people of conscience and spirit find a place for their questions and life struggles. Chaplains from diverse faith traditions provide opportunities for prayer and worship and are available to students, faculty and staff for programming, counseling and guidance on issues of faith and ethics. The center also host programs designed to explore the moral and ethical dimensions of current social, economic and political issues affecting the nation and the world.

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Karyn Cassella
Associate Directorcontact:

Parent and Family Engagement provides a single point of contact for parents and families, works to keep families informed, and helps them find answers and guidance to support their students. The office works cross-functionally and is housed under the Office of Vice President of Campus Life.

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Karyn Cassella Interim Director

Orientation, Transition and Retention designs and coordinates programs for first-year, transfer and graduate students and works with International Student and Scholar Services on a fall orientation program for domestic and international and first-year students unable to attend the summer orientation programs. Through summer, fall, and spring programs, the staff assists new students in their transition to the AU community. The staff also works with campus partners to coordinate Welcome Week, All-American Weekend, and other programs that enhance the quality of life for students.

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Katie Porras Director Butler Pavilion 408; ph: (202)885-3328

SCCRS oversees the work of the student judicial system, which adjudicates violations of the Student Conduct Code through disciplinary conferences and hearings before the Conduct Council, a community review board of students, faculty and staff members. SCCRS also teaches alternative conflict resolution and management skills that help individuals and groups understand the causes of conflict, their respective roles in the conflict, and learn a model for problem solving and communication.

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David Reitman, MD Medical Director McCabe Hall, First Floor; ph: (202)885-3380

SHC staff provides outpatient medical care, including treatment for minor emergencies, acute illness, and routine and annual gynecological care, and administers immunizations and allergy injections. SHC oversees compliance with D.C. law that requires all students under age 26 attending schools in the District to provide proof of having had appropriate immunizations. SHC also coordinates the administration of the Student Health Insurance Plan and the Tuition Refund Insurance Plan.

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Michael Elmore Director Mary Graydon Center 300; ph: (202)885-3939

The University Center is the campus hub for student involvement, event scheduling, and the home of American University's student union. It's all about building social spaces and creating communities to help improve the student experience.

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Kimberly Araya
Director, University Conference and Guest ServicesCongressional Hall; ph: (202)885-8247

University Conference and Guest Services (UCGS) provides professional year-round services and resources to the campus community and its guests. Each year, thousands of guests from across the globe travel to Washington, DC to host and attend professional conferences, complete academic internships, or enroll in summer session courses at American University. UCGS offers premier summer conference operations that provide residential services, as well as offering our new high tech meeting facilities for year-round rental. UCGS promotes an inclusive and welcoming environment during your stay at American University.

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