Black Affinity Housing

Students in Black Affinity Housing

Explore Culture & Identity

Black Affinity Housing is a live-in theme program located in Roper Hall. All American University undergraduate students who reside in the Black Affinity Housing help foster a warm and vibrant community supporting social, personal, and academic success. The community is open to all undergraduate students.

Why Live In Black Affinity Housing?

  • Students will live in a dedicated community committed to celebrating, exploring culture and identity!
  • Students will build meaningful and life-changing relationships with fellow community members.  
  • Participants will have the opportunity to engage diverse faculty, staff, and alumni.

What to Expect

Residents in Black Affinity Housing are strongly encouraged to participate in periodic community programming and dialogues intended to build community, promote learning, and support wellness. Roper Hall staff will organize opportunities for residents to attend cultural events and general university programs as a group. Students will gain leadership skills, learn to better understand one another, form friendships that can last a lifetime, and have fun.

Black Affinity Housing Staff