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Specialty Housing Communities

American University offers a number of Specialty Housing Communites available to students across their residential experence. These include thematic communities and Living Learning Communities (LLCs). LLCs are cohorts of students who live and explore a common interest or academic pursuit together. Some LLCs include required courses that students must take. Admittance to each community is based on individual requirements.


Have you enjoyed your Honors living-learning community? Rising sophomores who are currently enrolled in Honors are invited to live on the Honors and Scholars floor. You will continue to live in a strong community with all the benefits of peer support and programming designed to enhance your second year. For more information about this opportunity, please contact

Venturous is an immersive learning program that provides American University sophomore students of any discipline the opportunity to discover the experience starting a new venture. The program is grounded in the belief that learning entrepreneurship is an active and dynamic process that occurs both inside and outside the classroom, requiring students to use a number of frameworks and modalities. Through classroom learning and co-curricular events with entrepreneurs and investors, students will learn to identify a need or problem in a market, practice validating their ideas with real-life customers, develop and test their ideas by gathering customer and marketplace feedback and consider funding options to enable future development of their idea. While built for entrepreneurship, the community’s learning experience is easily adaptable. Today, entire commercial and non-profit organizations are striving to be more entrepreneurial. 

For more information about this opportunity, please visit the Sophomore Living-Learning Communities webpage or contact

Are you passionate about social justice? Do you want to be part of a tight-knit community of peers committed to improving the world?

CBRS is a program for social-justice minded students who want to learn how to work directly with the community to effect positive social change. In addition to the strong research skills you will develop, you will get to experience Washington, DC, in a deeper way, beyond the monuments and museums, to the rich diversity of neighborhoods, cultures, and people. Even better, you get to do all this with an amazing, supportive community of peers as you live, learn, and serve together.

Rising sophomores who have applied and been admitted to the CBRS program for fall 2022 will live on the Honors and Scholars floor. Members of the current CBRS cohort who would like to continue living in the community may also opt to live on the sophomore Honors and Scholars floor. For more information about this opportunity, please contact

How can we meaningfully engage with other cultures? What roles can we play to bridge the spaces between communities and continents? Rising sophomores in the School of International Service are invited to live in the Interculturalist Sophomore Living-Learning Community and join a cohort of students exploring the myriad ways culture influences who we are, what we think, and how we experience the world. Washington, DC is one of the most international cities in the world, serving as a perfect laboratory for all seeking to deepen their understanding of, and appreciation for, other cultures and themselves.

For more information about this opportunity, please visit the Sophomore Living-Learning Communities webpage or contact

All Students

The Black Affinity Housing community is located in Roper Hall and provides an intentional residential community dedicated to celebrating, exploring, and affirming black student experiences at AU and beyond. The live-in experience encourages dialogue and community building that is mindful of the diverse social, cultural, and academic needs of Black and multicultural students. Black Affinity Housing will enrich all of campus life by promoting solidarity among students of all backgrounds and identities. Learn more on our Black Affinity Housing webpage.