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SCCRS COVID-19 Resources

The information on this page is intended to inform members of our community of changes to Student Conduct’s procedures during COVID-19, as well as information about Student Conduct Code policies our students should be aware of that will protect our community.

Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution Services is committed to keeping our campus and the greater District of Columbia community healthy and safe during COVID-19. As a member of our community, you should be aware of the community standards and disciplinary policies you are subject to should you violate university policies or health and safety guidelines related to COVID-19. 

Learn more about the university's policies related to health and safety directives.

For more information related to university policies related to COVID-19, please visit the university's policy page.

Students found responsible for repeated violations of Health and Safety Directives may face more serious sanctions, including suspension or dismissal. 

A student’s prior disciplinary history will be considered when determining appropriate sanctions during the conduct process.

Contact Information

The SCCRS team is open between 9am and 5pm, Monday-Friday, with staff alternating telework days. Please email, call (202) 885-3328, or drop into our office to speak with SCCRS staff.

Procedures for Disciplinary Conferences and Disciplinary Hearings

All disciplinary proceedings with take place via phone or Microsoft Teams.

If you are a background investigator or other third-party seeking disciplinary record information about a student, please drop in the office or email with the release form and your credentials, if applicable.

If you are a student/former student requesting a copy of your disciplinary record, please email the required form and/or a completed FERPA waiver to