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Graduate Leadership Council

Grad Leadership Council

The Graduate Leadership Council serves as the primary representative of the graduate student body to American University's administration, faculty, staff, trustees and alumni. The GLC works to improve graduate students' academic, social and professional experiences. To learn more about the Graduate Leadership Council and each of the five Graduate Student Councils, visit the GLC webpage.

New Club Registration Process for Graduate Students The New Club Registration process for Fall 2021 will be Oct 4th, 2021- Oct 29th,

Students interested in starting a new student club must follow the outlined process established by the Center for Student Involvement. Interest groups that are approved for registration, will recieved 'Recognized' status for the Spring 2022 semester.

Please be advised there are two different process for undergraduate and graduate organizations. If you are an undergraduate looking ot start a club please visit this article for your process. This information is specifically for graduate organizations under the Graduate Leaderhip Council and all graduate school councils. 

Visit Engage to learn more about the steps and requirements. 

Roderick Wilson

In addition to advising undergraduate student clubs, Roderick advises the Graduate Leadership Council and assist with advising of the Graduate Student Councils. 
Office: MGC 271


Jordan Harris

In addition to advising undergraduate student clubs, Jordan advises the Graduate Student Councils and assist with advising of the Graduate
Leadership Council. 

Office: MGC 271