What is CSLP?

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The Community Service-Learning Program (CSLP) allows undergraduate students to earn an additional pass/fail credit on a course of their choice through service to a local organization whose mission connects with their coursework. Through careful reflection and mentorship, CSLP enriches the student learning experience and strengthens the local community. 


CSLP provides an opportunity for students to do in-person and/or virtual, service while earning credit towards graduation. It gives students the chance to serve the communities and causes they learn about in class, taking the learning process beyond the classroom. 

CSLP is right for you if...

  • You are a full-time undergraduate student currently enrolled in 12-16 credits
  • You want to increase your understanding of issues facing our community and how community organizations are responding to these issues
  • You want to gain a deeper understanding of your coursework through real-world connections with the local community

How to Apply to CSLP

Please refer to our FAQs page before beginning your application.

  1. Identify that class to which you want to connect the pass/fail add-on credit. 
  2. Review the course syllabus to identify main themes addressed in the course.
  3. Identify at least 3 local community partners whose work addresses an issue area that connects with the themes discussed in your course.
  4. Complete the CSLP Application on GivePulse by Friday, January 27 by 3pm.
  5. In the first week of class, notify your professor you are applying for a CSLP add-on credit to their course. 

Note: Students are not required to have a partner confirmed to apply to CSLP. Participants will have time to confirm their partner but we do encourage you to start contacting organizations as soon as possible. Please refer to our Guide on Connecting with a Community Partner. You also are not required to secure faculty approval to apply. 

What Happens Next?

Applications will be reviewed by the CBL Coordinator and a 1:1 conversation scheduled. Participants will be invited attend one of the Orientation dates listed on the right panel of this page.

After Orientation, the Coordinator confirms student participation with the faculty and forward the student's information to the Registrar's Office for the add-on credit. Any students who withdraw thereafter will receive a "W" on their transcript. (More more information, see AU's Academic Calendar). Students unable to complete the program should notify the Coordinator ASAP. 

Students will also be enrolled into the CSLP Canvas page where they will be able to access all program materials and other useful resources as well as engage in online forums to navigate their experience and connect with their peers in the program.

Spring 2023 CSLP Registration

  • Registration: Register for Spring 2023 CSLP on GivePulse. Registration closes Friday, January 27 by 3pm. More information on GivePulse.

  • CSLP Orientation: A day during the week of 1/23-1/27

Student in CSLP completing activity

CSLP Program Requirements

To earn the 1 CSLP credit, students must:

  • Complete 35 hours of service with a community partner of their choice.

  • Attend mandatory reflections including orientation, mid-semester reflection, and final reflection. Total reflection time is five hours. 
  • Complete 2 Peer Mentor check-Ins to ensure that they are on track with participant documentation, service hours, academic project, etc.
  • Attend 1 workshop of their choice about service-learning topics to be announced by CBL Coordinator
  • Submit 1 blog post to be published on the CSLP blog
  • Complete 1 academic project to be decided upon with professor
  • Submit all hours onto GivePulse by hour log deadline. 

Confused? Email CBLR@american.edu with questions


Non-Profit Directories

These directories are organized by issue area, and include the contact information and mission statements of local non-profits.

Non-Profit Directories

Guide to Connecting with Non-Profits

This guide outlines a strategy of how to reach out to prospective community partners, including an email template and phone call talking points.

Access Guide Here

CSLP WordPress Blog

Serve Earn Learn is the CSLP WordPress site where students in the Community Service-Learning Program reflect on their service experience. Learn more about students' experiences and the organizations they volunteer with here.

Serve Earn Learn