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Academic Resources

Below you'll find resources grouped by theme and our instructional video series, all designed to help support you on your academic journey.  

Below you'll find e-planners that can be used online. You'll also find fillable planners (PDFs) that can be downloaded to your hard drive and printed. 

To add an e-planner to your Google Drive where it can be customized:  Select your preferred planner from the list below-->Click the link--> select 'File' from the top toolbar-->'Make a Copy' from the drop-down menu-->'Save' from the pop-up box.

  • Time Management and Using a Planner: Learn quick tips to maximize time management through the use of a daily planner. (Video)
  • Reset & Focus Playlist: Struggling to begin or push through a challenging work session? Try these short videos (2 to 15 min) for a quick mind-body reset that features box breathing, tapping exercises, chair yoga, and more!  
  • Keep | Release | Acquire: This self-reflection invites you to evaluate your habits: Which should you keep, release, and acquire to achieve your goals in the upcoming semester or year? 
  • 4 Mind Shifts for Task Initiation: Simple strategies and resources to help you move from inaction to action. 
  • YOU@Americana free, new platform to help you make the most of your college experience from mental and physical health, to friendships and finding balance, it’s all here. YOU@American is a personalized and 100% confidential web platform connecting you to online tools and campus resources to support your goals to succeed, thrive, and matter at AU. 


  • Weekly Reading List: This template helps you identify your average reading speeds and more effectively calculate the time it will take to complete an assigned reading. 
  • Gist Strategy: Capture your reading's bigger key ideas, themes, and figures with this straightforward note-taking method. Instructional Video
  • P2R Reading Strategy: Recall critical course content and supplement gaps in knowledge with the Preview-Read-Review (P2R) strategy. 
  • Taking Notes in Class and on Reading Assignments: 5 simple strategies each for taking notes in class and on reading assignments.
  • Reading Groups: Find more support and accountability with your class readings by forming an in-person or virtual reading group in 3 simple steps. 
  • 10 Tips for Effective Reading: Become a more efficient reader with these 10 tips. 

Kurzweil 3000: Upload electronic files, including Word, PDF, HTML, and EPUB documents, to hear text read aloud. Annotate within the document, and export your notes and highlights into study guides.  

Tips & Resources: View the Writing Center's resources to help you organize your papers, understand proper citations, and more. 

Videos: Quick videos to walk you through creating a project plan, developing an argument, and more. 

Essay Breakdown Template: Transform essays into a series of smaller achievable tasks that can be completed in shorter work sessions over the course of several days or weeks.

Instructional Videos

Short videos that offer impactful academic strategies. 

Gist Strategy: Simple Note-Taking


Capture your reading's key ideas, themes, and figures by learning the method behind this straightforward note-taking strategy.

7 Day Hourly Planner


Build a 7 Day Hourly Planner to help you manage your time more efficiently.  

Establish a Home Workspace


Boost your mood and productivity with these 4 simple tips to improve your at-home workspace.

Welcome to Academic Coaching


An introduction to our services: learn more about the common topics covered and how to schedule an appointment.

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