Ethics & Justice

The Writing Center is an intellectual home for all American University students. Our consultations are structured to maintain these philosophies as we strive to provide agency and access to all students. Following the National Council of Teachers of English, we believe that “language is powerful, empowering individuals to explore and change themselves and their worlds." We “stand strongly for the use of fact-based reasoning, writing, and communication to build a better, more ethical, more engaged nation,” and AU.

We are committed to…

  • Helping writers at any point of the writing process, and to become their best academic selves.
  • Exemplifying and staying true to our commitment of academic& linguistic excellence.
  • Seeing difference in student writing, instead of error. We believe that seeing difference is the gateway to transcultural understanding and communication.
  • Actively exemplifying the University’s vision of inclusivity, diversity, equity, and belonging.

We will always…

  • Make tutoring sessions safe and inclusive for all learning and discourse communities.
  • Maintain respect for others and expect the same in return.
  • Respect linguistic differences. This is a space of linguistic celebration, inquiry, and collaboration.
  • Respect cultural & religious differences.
  • Maintain academic integrity, honor, and excellence.
  • Keep tutoring sessions confidential. Records will not be shared without student consent.


Linguistic Justice & Anti-Racism

This section is currently under construction while we work to bring you resources on linguistic justice and anti-racism. 



If you have any questions on this topic, please reach out either to the Writing Center at, or to our director Neisha-Anne Green at