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Writing Center FAQs

General FAQs

All appointments are scheduled and managed through WC Online. We also use this platform to host our online sessions.

Video tutorial: Click here for a tutorial on creating an account and utilizing the platform.

About WC Online: WC Online allows you to see which use which consultants are available and when, read their bios, and schedule and manage your appointments. Online sessions are also accessed here. Depending on semester availability, you can also access different branches of Academic Support tutoringAcademic Support tutoring. You will first need to register for an account to use these services. It can be reached at

Drop-In Appointments: Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept drop-in appointments. All appointments must be scheduled in advance through WC Online.

All currently enrolled undergraduate & graduate students are welcome at the Writing Center, no matter your academic, cultural or linguistic background.

Click here to read more about our efforts in diversity, inclusion, and equity.

All students are welcome at the Writing Center. Our tutors are not language or grammar instructors, but can still be an asset to you as you learn U.S. academic writing norms and develop your language skills.  

Click here for more information on International Student Services.

The Writing Center is located on the third floor of Butler Pavilion in Room 310. If you need additional assistance locating us, you can speak to the receptionists at the front desk.

The Writing Center can also be contacted by phone during business hours at 202-885-3360, or by email at  

The Writing Center does not advise students on career writing (resumes, application letters, CVs, or cover letters), as our specialty is in academic writing. However, the AU Career Center will be happy to help you in this regard.  

The Writing Center is only as good as its team of talented writing consultants! Part-time positions are offered to current undergraduate and graduate students to staff our team. We train and support our staff and set up a schedule that is right for them. 

This application is currently closed. For questions about our hiring cycle, please reach out to

About Us FAQs

The Writing Center can help with any academic writing assignment you have. This includes research papers, argumentative writing, creative writing, policy memos, scientific reports, capstones and dissertations, literature reviews & annotated bibliographies, and more!

However, please note that career writing such as resumes, CVs, etc., needs to be taken to the AU Career Center.

For more information, please view our page on Policies & Expectations.

Any currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student can book a Writing Center appointment for themselves. Additionally, AU faculty and staff can also book appointments on behalf of a student.

Please note: All appointments must be scheduled in advance. We are regretfully unable to accept drop-in appointments at this time.

Yes, however we require written consent from the instructor prior to your appointment. Your instructor can send permission to review your take-home exam to

For more information, please view our page on Policies & Expectations.

Writing consultants will not simply “check your paper” or correct your errors line-editing style. Instead, they will teach you editing & revision strategies and improve your skills. They can help you recognize technical errors and develop your style and voice. Additionally, they can provide resource materials such as handouts regarding sources, grammar, organization, style, etc. to improve your writing.

Our sessions depend on mutual connection, conversation, and collaboration to be successful. Writing consultants have the right to end the session if a student simply wants proofreading without willingness to participate.

For more information, please view our page on Policies & Expectations.

As per our Code of Ethics, your consultations are kept confidential. We will not share details about your sessions externally, including with instructors, without your consent. 

For more information, please view our page on Policies & Expectations.

The Writing Center holds brief informational classroom visits to discuss our services and how to access them with students. We can also hold workshops on specific subjects or group tutoring. However, limited staff limits our capacity to hold these. For more details, please look to our page on Faculty & Staff Information.

If you have any questions or would like to request a classroom visit, please reach out at, or contact our director Neisha-Anne Green at

Appointment FAQs

Yes, the Writing Center is accessible to all- both physically and virtually. The Writing Center is located on the third floor of Butler Pavilion in Room 310 and features an elevator and accessible entrance. Virtually, the Writing Center is accessible to all AU students no matter your location via WC Online

In-person appointments are held at the Writing Center. We are located on the third floor of Butler Pavilion in Room 310. When you arrive, simply check in with the receptionist at the front desk and your tutor will retrieve you.

Online appointments are held over WC Online (not Zoom!). When it is time for your appointment, simply log back into WC Online and select your appointment time under "Today's Appointments." Then, click START OR JOIN ONLINE CONSULTATION to begin.

Please arrive at your appointment with your assignment guidelines, your draft (if you have one), a good idea of how we can help you, and a readiness to participate in your session! If you appointment is in-person, please have your draft printed before you arrive. For more information on how to prepare for your appointment, please read Preparing For Your Appointment.  

Students may schedule one appointment per day and three appointments per week. Otherwise, there is no semester limit. Remember that all appointments must be scheduled and that we are unable to accept drop-in appointments at this time.

Please see our Appointment Scheduling Policy for more information.

If the day when you would like to schedule an appointment is completely booked, you can join the day's waiting list on WC Online. This is located in the top-right corner after searching for available appointments.

The waiting list will notify you of any appointments that get canceled during the time(s) you have selected. You can also ask to be notified if an appointment with a specific tutor opens. Once you are notified of the availability, you can log in to WC Online or contact us to schedule the appointment.

For more help, please view our WC Online Tutorial.

Please note: notifications for open appointments will be sent to everyone on the waitlist, so reserving the appointment immediately upon receipt of the notification is key. Appointments are reserved on a first come first served basis.  

If you are having trouble logging in, one of two things is likely to have occurred- a system error or account deactivation.  

System error: sometimes a system error occurs that blocks students from accessing their accounts. If this is the case, please contact us and we will help you reset your password.  

Account Deactivation: WC Online automatically deactivates student accounts after 3 missed appointments. If this is the case, please contact us to set up a time with a coordinator to discuss our policy and reactivate your account. Please see ourLate/Missed Appointment Policy for more information. 


Policies & Expectations

Curious about Writing Center policies? Click here for more information.

Additional Questions?

If you have any additional questions that are not addressed here, please reach out at