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Set Your Educational and Professional Goals

Cornerstone DC students work with a team of program staff that support them and provide guidance throughout the semester. Staff facilitate the identification and achievement of the student's educational and professional goals.

Cornerstone DC students work with program staff and First Year Advisors over the summer regarding course selection and registration, and preparation for the MFP.

Academic Advising

Ashley Barnes is the Cornerstone senior advisor. In May, you will work with Ashley and first-year advisors to determine your course selections. Throughout the summer, Ashley and first-year advisors will continue to work with you and answer questions that you may have.

MFP Placement Advising

Amy Morrill Bijeau, Director of Experiential Education, and Ashley work with you on all things related to your MFP search. You will submit a resume and cover letter for review. Once your documents are approved, you will receive access to the MFP Database so you can start your search. Please note that you can use our database and you can search for a placement via other resources.

Online Advising Sessions

Amy Morrill Bijeau provides online advising sessions regarding the search process. Topics covered in these sessions include resume and cover letter tips, self-assessment, application strategies and follow-up, and interview tips. Amy and Ashley are both available by email and phone as well for questions.