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Cornerstone DC features a curriculum that allows you to graduate on time with the class of 2025. You will take required AU Core and courses that meet your intended major requirements.

Courses and Schedule

DC MFP Semester: Fall 2021 or Spring 202213.5 up to 15.5 Credits

  • American University Experience - AUx* (1.5 cr.)
  • Mentored Field Practicum course (3-5 cr.)
  • WRT 100 College Writing (3 cr.) or WRT 106 (3 cr.) if received AP credit
  • Math (3 cr.)
  • Major requirement or Elective (3 cr.)

Non-MFP Semester 16.5 Credits

  • American University Experience - AUx* (1.5 cr.)
  • CORE 105 Complex Problems Seminar (3 cr.)
  • WRT 101 College Writing (3 cr.)
  • Major requirement (3 cr.)
  • Elective (3 cr.)
  • Elective (3 cr.)

*AUx – American University Experience is a two-part course sequence: part 1 is during the MFP semester and part 2 is during the non-MFP semester. 

SPEXS 120 Mentored Field Practicum Course(3-5 credits)

The Mentored Field Practicum Course complements your Mentored Field Practicum (MFP) professional experience. You will work with a professor who will guide you on managing your MFP. You will also read professional articles, write papers, and keep a journal. You will gain the professional skills and experience to help you in future internships and jobs. This course counts as an AU elective.

CORE 106 Complex Problems Seminar(3 credits)

This required seminar for all students during their first year at American University demonstrates the value of a approaching important conceptual problems and social issues from a variety of perspectives, often from multiple disciplines and including multiple voices.

WRTG 100/WRTG 101 College Writing(3 credits)

This course prepares you for the writing required throughout your academic career. You will be encouraged to think as a writer - to anticipate the responses of a reader, to explore the depth and breadth of a subject, and to learn to best express yourself and understanding.

This course can be applied to the Written Communication & Information Literacy I requirement.

AUx1/AUx2 The American University Experience(1.5 credits)

The American University Experience (AUx) is a full-year course for students transitioning into their first year of college at AU. You will complete AUx1 in the fall semester and AUx2 in the spring. In these courses, you will establish short and long-term goals and build academic skills for college success.

First-year advisors will help you choose electives that will meet requirements of your intended major.

The following is a preview of what your MFP semester will look like. There are two different tracks. You may choose your preferred track based on availability.

Track 1

Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday: MFP
Monday/Thursday: Classes

  • College Writing
  • Elective Courses (First-Year Advisors will help you select)
  • AUx
  • Mentored Field Practicum Course

Track 2

Monday/Wednesday/Thursday: MFP
Tuesday/Friday: Classes

  • College Writing
  • Elective Courses (First-Year Advisors will help you select)
  • AUx
  • Mentored Field Practicum Course

Cornerstone DC students join AU's largest living-learning community, University College (UC). In this program, students enroll in a complex problems seminar which satisfies an AU Core requirement.


Students live together in first-year residence halls. Each floor has a theme inspired by a group of UC courses, which in turn inspires community events throughout the semester.


Courses are hand-picked Complex Problems seminars from the AU Core curriculum. The seminars create an environment for collaboration and communication across the classes.

Live & Learn at AU


Cornerstone students will be a part of University College, AU's largest living-learning community. This exceptional opportunity for first-year students combines the best residential and academic experiences!