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Institutional Assessment

In addition to assessing student learning, the institution has a broad array of ways in which it assesses its overall institutional effectiveness. For more information, access American University's Institutional Assessment Plan (PDF), which discusses the Strategic Plan, learning outcomes and assessment for programs, and the Performance Management system.

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Academic Data Reference Book

The Academic Data Reference Book (ADRB) is published annually by the Office of Institutional Research & Assessment. Its goal is to provide the university community with reliable and useful information about enrollment, faculty, and related academic topics. You can access the latest addition of the ADRB, or you can get more information on the ADRB site.

Common Data Set

The Annual Survey of Colleges is a yearly survey of colleges, universities, vocational/technical, and graduate schools, the objective of which is obtain information that is important for potential students. It covers both the information that potential students want to know, and the information that the institutions feel that students should know. AU's results for 2018-2019 are available in the Common Data Set (PDF).

For more information, visit the College Board.

Microstrategy (Business Intelligence)

American University uses the Microstrategy Business Intelligence tool to analyze trends, perform forecasting, create scorecards and dashboards, and deliver timely information to users.

The Microstrategy tool replaces Eagledata. To access the common data on the new platform, authorized users can visit one of the following sources (AU login required): OIRA Official Reports, Standard Student Reporting, and Admissions Statistics Official Reporting.


The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) is a postsecondary education data collection program. College Navigator is a web-based database containing specific information about 7,000 universities nation-wide. College Navigator is designed to help prospective college students and their parents distinguish the differences between universities and to assess the costs in attending these universities. The College Scorecard is also a source of federal comparative data.


UCAN (University & College Accountability Network) is designed to give, in a common format, prospective students and their families concise, Web-based consumer-friendly information on the nation's nonprofit, private colleges and universities.

U.S. News "America's Best Colleges"

U.S. News and World Report offers its college rankings for parents and prospective students each year. To compare AU to other colleges and universities, see America's Best Colleges.


Visit the Rankings website.

Information on the plan and its implementation can be found on AU's Strategic Plan.

For more information on Office of Institutional Research and Assessment's comprehensive survey program, or if you are interested in surveying members of the AU community please visit OIRA Survey Research.

Although OIRA has always played a role in institutional accreditation, providing required annual reports and supporting institutional self-study efforts, responsibilities in these areas have expanded significantly. In 1995-1996, OIRA provided a co-chair for the NCAA certification effort. In 1996-97, OIRA assumed a leadership role in developing the required follow-up report and managed a campus visit for the Middle States Association's Commission on Higher Education. In 1997-98 OIRA facilitated the required accreditation/affiliation process of the United Methodist Church's University Senate. OIRA had major responsibilities for the Middle State's reaccreditation that occurred in 2004, and a leadership role in the 2009 Periodic Review Report, and again in the most recent reaccreditation in 2014. For more, visit Middle States Self-Study.

OIRA also works with schools/colleges and departments which are undergoing disciplinary accreditation, providing data and information as required. Information about accreditation for schools and programs can be found at the Consumer Information page.