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Michael Rosengart
Fitness Coordinator, Personal Training & Fitness Services

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Campus Walks and Talks Learn as you burn your calories!

Join RecFit for Campus Walks and Talks and learn as you burn your calories.

The RecFit Personal Trainers will lead Campus Walks to help everyone stay active and fit during the summer. 

Join us every Tuesday & Thursday at 2:30pm

Meeting on the Quad at the Kay Spiritual Center.

Each Walk and Talk will focus on a specific topic in health and fitness. So, you will be able to learn as you burn your calories.

Topics will inclue:

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Stress Management
  • Exercise Technique
  • Fitness Programming
  • More

For more information, reach out to Michael Rosengart, the Personal Training Coordinator, at


Interested Personal Training at AU! Start Here!

Our certified Personal Trainers can help you craft a perfect workout program tailored to your fitness goals, no matter what space or equipment you have!


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For questions about the training program, please contact Michael Rosengart at

Now Hiring Personal Trainers Be rewarded for being a positive influence on someone's life!

Looking for Personal Trainers to work at AU's RecFit!

Help others to feel better about their selves and accomplish several personal goals by being a personal trainer at AU!

For more information, reach out to Michael Rosengart, the Personal Training Coordinator, at

Personal Trainer Certification Workshop Become a Personal Trainer at AU!

National Council on Strength and Fitness

Interested in becoming a certified personal trainer?!
AU’s RecFit can help you succeed with this Personal Trainer Certification Workshop.

In partnership with the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF), the American University’s Recreational Sports and Fitness offers a complimentary workshop for individuals interested in becoming certified personal trainers.

Cost for Study Materials and Certification Exam
The NCSF provides each student with access to digital study materials, textbook, study guide and exam entrance for a discounted rate of $328, plus shipping and handling. Total Cost is $350.01.

Weekly Workshops to Learn and Develop Skills
AU’s Personal Training Coordinator, Michael Rosengart, will lead weekly workshop meetings to go over course material, answer questions and work through the practical application of personal training.


Cassell Fitness Center
Studio A or Fitness Assessment Room
May 11th - July 27th

In-Person or Virtual
Schedule an appointment:

Registration Information
Email Michael Rosengart at to register for the Workshop and access to course materials.

Meet the trainers

Marisa is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. Marisa’s personal workout routine includes running combined with a variety of strength training exercises. She likes to incorporate TRX Suspension Training into her workouts and is currently training for half-marathon! Marisa’s favorite post-workout food is an apple and peanut butter

Sam is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. He is currently studying Health Promotion with the intent to become a Physical Therapist. Sam's workout routine is a combination of strength exercises, running and rec sports. His favorite musician/rapper to workout to is Childish Gambino.

Rod is certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. He decided to pursue personal training to help others achieve their goals and find their perfect relationship with themselves through fitness. His workout routine includes endurance and strength training all while jamming to everything from Dua Lipa to Vince Staples. He uses combination of Tabata, circuit training, and free weights to assist his clients in reaching their goals. Currently, Rod is studying fitness nutrition to become a specialist in nutrition and enhancing his clients’ overall experience.

Michael Rosengart is the Personal Training Coordinator at American University. He has over twenty years of experience working in sports and fitness.

Michael spent 13 years at Equinox Fitness where he was a Master Instuctor as well as a Tier 3+ Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Coach. Michael also spent a number of years as an Assistant Footbal Coach, Strength Coach and Kinesiology Instructor at Santa Monica College.

Due to several injuries playing college football, Michael has become an expert in prehab, a training modality that focuses on improving biomechanical function and optimizing movement quality. Essentially, Michael recommends his clients to practice prehab in order to avoid rehab.

Michael has also authored a number of books about prehab, including his latest book, Prehab Exercises Static Stretching: An Illustrated Guide to the ABC Approach.

Shane is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. He has a deep interest in health and wellness and is currently pursuing his Masters in Health Promotion Management at American University. He received his Bachelors from George Mason University in International Studies. Shane enjoys learning about and experimenting with an array of different workout styles. His favorite forms of exercise include weight lifting, walking, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His workout playlist usually consists of a variety of genres, but Coldplay and Lil wayne typically find their way into the mix.

Charis Williams is certified as a health education specialist, personal trainer, and health coach. She graduated from University of Maryland, College Park, with a degree in Community Health. After overcoming chronic fatigue through lifestyle changes, she developed a passion to help others to experience a better quality of life for themselves. Charis brings her research-based expertise in belly fat reduction, and brings a holistic approach to helping her clients achieve optimal health and wellness.

Personal Training Packages

There are a variety of services and packages to meet your needs. New clients begin by purchasing a Fitness Assessment. After the assessment, our standard sessions are 60 minutes. 30-minute sessions are available if you are pressed for time or have a busy schedule. If you want to work out with a friend or a group of friends, our Buddy or Small Group Training packages are a great way to save money and add accountability for one another. Buddy Training sessions are for 2 people and our Small Group Training package is for a group of 3-6 people.

Standard sessions run 60 minutes. 

Fitness Assessment: $35.00

Single Session: $80.00
Three Sessions: $225.00
Five Sessions: $350.00
Ten Sessions: $650.00
Fifteen Sessions: $885.00

Are you pressed for time? 30-minute sessions are great for anyone with a busy schedule or for folks who want less day-to-day instruction.

Three Sessions: $120.00
Five Sessions: $185.00
Ten Sessions: $335.00

Interested in working with a partner or a group of friends?

We offer Small Group Training based on availability.

Reach out to Michael Rosengart, PT Coordinator, at to get your Small Group started!

Additional Fitness Services

Fitness Assessment: $35.00
Series of measurements to help determine various components of physical fitness. Includes heart rate, body composition, blood pressure, flexibility, and cardio & muscular endurance testings.

Body Composition Test: $12.00
We use the skinfold technique to determine the percentage of lean mass and fat mass that comprise your body.

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Club Sports Training

Rec Fit Personal Training offers Club Sports, Performance Enhancement Training to all active and interested Club Sports.