School of International Service

School of International Service

SIS Student's Nonprofit Provides Arts Classes in Kenya


SIS Global Scholars student Sophia Andrews is the founder of Ngoma Kenya, a nonprofit that provides children in Kenya with access to visual and performing arts classes.

James Anderson and Kayla Williams

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SIS Alumni Appointed to Key Positions in the Biden Administration

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Sesame Street Muppets in Universal Studios Singapore.

International ·

How Sesame Street Uses Muppets to Teach Inclusion in the US and Abroad

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Protestors in Yemen on October 11, 2011.

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10 Years Later, What Is the Legacy of the Arab Spring?

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Book cover of The Flying Man, Aristotle, and the Philosophers of the Golden Age of Islam: Their Relevance Today

Research ·

Examining Islam’s Golden Age to Bridge the East and West Divide

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Irina Markina, Priya Shyamsundar, Andreas Karelas, and Claire Brunel

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Who Pays for Climate Change? SIS Earth Day Event Examines How Economy and Environment Intersect

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Listen now to the latest episode: Is the US a Flawed Democracy?

Diving into the Causes of Environmental Issues

My goal is to better address the environmental issues that we face today.

Environmental issues aren’t black and white—they’re not simple. The GEP courses I’m taking continue to help me understand the nuances in the issues I’m interested in, allowing me to really look at what’s underneath the surface of environmental problems and focus on those root causes.

Learn more about Cheek’s time in the Peace Corps, her role at the Endangered Species Coalition (ESC), and why she is pursuing a GEP degree at SIS.

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