Partnerships provide additional opportunities

SIS has partnerships with the following organizations for individuals that meet the criteria specified. Please contact the partner organizations for additional information.

Americorps Education Award Matching Program

As a part of this partnership, current AmeriCorps volunteers and alumni who are admitted to one of SIS's graduate degree programs will be considered for a full range of funding opportunities and will receive a guaranteed scholarship that matches the Segal Education Award. In addition, the admissions application fee is waived for Americorps volunteers and alumni.

Charles B. Rangel Fellowship

SIS offers bridging funds to all recipients of the Charles Rangel Fellowship. For more information on the Rangel fellowship, please visit:


SIS provides a scholarship of 50% tuition to qualified SIS graduate students who are selected as beneficiaries of COLFUTURO. For more information on Colfurturo, please visit:

Fulbright Fellowship

SIS works closely with IIE and Fulbright officers from around the world and may offer matching funds to eligible Fulbright Fellows. For more information on the Fulbright program, please visit:


LanguageCorps teachers and alumni who are admitted to one of SIS's graduate degree programs will receive a guaranteed scholarship of $5,000. In addition, the admissions application fee is waived for LanguageCorps teachers and alumni.

McNair Fellows

SIS offers at least one fellowship yearly to newly admitted graduate students who were participants in the McNair program as undergraduates. McNair Fellows also have their application fees waived. For more information on the McNair program, please visit

Organization of American States (OAS) Fellowship

SIS provides tuition assistance to qualified OAS funding recipients admitted to an SIS graduate program. For more information on the OAS scholarships and loans, please visit:

Peace Corps

The Peace Corps and SIS have shared close ties and similar missions since the early years of the agency. American University is a top school for Peace Corps volunteers and offers students pre- and post-volunteer options through SIS. Find out more.

Pickering Fellowship

SIS offers a generous in-kind fellowship to all incoming eligible participants in the undergraduate Pickering program. Pickering fellows do not need to pay the application fee. For more information on the Pickering Fellowship programs, please visit:

Public Policy in International Affairs (PPIA)

SIS offers two-thirds to full tuition scholarships to newly admitted PPIA fellows. Application fee waivers are also available. For more information on the undergraduate PPIA program, please visit:

Teach for China

This exciting new partnership between SIS and Teach for China offers TFC alumni application fee waivers and the opportunity to be considered for SIS funding. Every year, up to five admitted TFC alumni will be offered an SIS scholarship and the opportunity to complete a service project with an SIS partner organization. For more information on Teach for China, please visit:

Yellow Ribbon Program

SIS supports American University's participation in the Yellow Ribbon program for eligible veterans. Veterans do not have to pay the application fee to SIS graduate programs. For more information please visit AU's Yellow Ribbon website.