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The Visions Awards is the Film Division’s prestige awards ceremony, showcasing the best work from students for over 40 years. This year the event will be virtual, May 5 at 8pm. RSVP now!

Due to the cancelation of Visions 2020, any project after April 2019 is eligible for submission. If you have any questions about eligibility, categories, or the submission process, info is included in the below submission links (google forms). If you cannot access the form or have other questions, feel free to reach out to Professor Brannon by email,

All video submissions require both the full project, for judging purposes, and a 1 - 30 minute trailer that will be screened if the project wins. All scriptwriting submissions require both the full script and 2 – 3 pull pages that will be displayed and read aloud if the script wins.

Behind the Scenes at Visions 2018

Footage from the red carpet at Visions 2018.

Visions 2021: What You Need to Know

April 14th:

Screenwriting Categories

· Fiction Short & Long Form (Undergrad and Graduate) Submit

· Documentary Short & Long Form (Undergrad and Graduate) Submit

April 16th:

Graduate Thesis Projects


Photography Categories


April 23rd:

Video Categories (Undergrad and Graduate)

· Fiction Short & Long Form Submit

· Documentary Short & Long Form Submit

· Environmental Submit

· Music Video Submit

· Broadcast Submit

New Media Categories (All Students)

· Motion Graphics Submit

· Animation Submit

· Digital Image Manipulation Submit

· Mash Up Submit

· PSA Submit

· Website or App Submit


Q: Who judges Visions?
A: Judges are alumni of the FMA program and working professionals that are friends of our program.

Q: What if I want to submit a project made outside of classes?
A: If it was created while you are a student in the program, it is likely eligible, however it is advised to contact Prof Brannon to be sure.

Q: I missed a deadline, can I still submit?
A: We try to adhere to deadlines to make things smooth for our judges, however you can always reach out to Prof Brannon to see if an extension is possible. Extensions have happened, depending on circumstances.

Q: What if I am unsure of what category to submit to?
A: You can always ask, but you are welcome to decide where you think you fit best. Our judges do reserve the right to recommend projects are moved to a more appropriate category if they feel it doesn’t fit the submitted category.

Q: Can I submit a Graduate Thesis project in multiple categories ( for example, you’ve produced a documentary and would like to submit it also for the Grad Doc category).
A: No. Graduate Thesis projects are expected to be in a category unto themselves. However, by design the category of Graduate Thesis is designed for video projects, usually in the form of a narrative or documentary. So if you have a thesis project that is other than those, such as a webseries, experimental film, installation, multimedia project, or script, you may request an exception to submit to another category. Contact Prof Brannon to get permission.

Women In Film & Video Awards

All submissions in all video categories are eligible, judges recommend which they feel should be considered. Recipients get a free year membership to WIFV.

  • Outstanding Editing
  • Outstanding Audio Design
  • Outstanding Cinematography
  • Diversity and Inclusion Award

Ron Sutton Visual Literacy Award

Chosen from this year’s Visual Literacy student portfolios. Recommendations are made by the current Comm 105 Professors.

  • Three Awards in the amount of $100 each

Scriptwriting Mentorship Award

Award winning writer / director alum and current writer on Superman & Lois, Jai Jamison, will be offering a zoom mentorship session for the winning narrative scripts. Grad and Undergrad narrative scripts are eligible.

Interface Media Group

IMG sponsors this award with the offer of a paid internship. All submissions in New Media Categories are eligible.

  • Best in New Media

WILL Interactive

WILL interactive awards $500 to an outstanding Narrative Film, all narrative submissions are eligible (Grad, Undergrad, and Thesis projects)

  • Best Narrative Award