Last name starts with A

Sumaira Akber Director of Undergraduate Student & Academic Affairs SOC - School of Communication

Sumaira Akber joined SOC in 2017. Prior to coming to AU, Sumaira held a variety of positions in higher education including  Georgia State University, University of Maryland Global Campus, George Washi

  (202) 885-2038

Stephanie Andrews Director of Enrollment and Analytics SOC - School of Communication

Stephanie returned to American University in 2020, after five years at the American Immigration Council, where she led business development of private sector exchange visitor programs for interns and

  (202) 885-2025

Last name starts with B

Laura BonDurant Sr. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs SOC - School of Communication

Laura BonDurant joined the SOC in Janauary 2010. Prior to her role in the SOC she served as the Director of the Center for Academic Success at The Catholic University of America. Previously she was th

  (202) 885-2054

Last name starts with C

Aras Coskuntuncel Research Fellow SOC - School of Communication

Aras Coskuntuncel completed his PhD at American University in communication in 2020, studying the struggle to control the flow of information in the digital era in the case of Turkey. His research exp

Last name starts with D

Julie Drizin Executive Director, Current SOC - School of Communication

Julie Drizin joined SOC in 2015, as the first Executive Director of Current, the trade publication that serves public broadcasting. She has worked in and around public media for over three decades. Sh

Last name starts with E

Erin Eaton Media Production Specialist SOC - School of Communication

Erin Eaton has been immersed in educational environments for over a decade and acts as the Media Production Specialist for SOC. She supports classroom and video production technology in the Media Inno

Karen Everhart Managing Editor, Current SOC - School of Communication

Karen is a media reporter chronicling public broadcasting’s adaptations to the multiplatform world of digital media. A senior editor at <i>Current</i> since 2001, she covers public radio –

Last name starts with F

Meredith Fender Senior Administrative Assistant SOC - Game Lab

Meredith happily returned to her alma mater in 2017, where she currently supports the AU Game Center (formerly the AU Game Lab). Meredith assists with reserving the Game Center facility, Game Center s

  (202) 885-2014

Brandon Ferry Recruitment Coordinator SOC - School of Communication

Brandon Ferry joined the Graduate Academic Services team in 2019 as the School of Communication’s Recruitment Coordinator. In this role, he advises prospective graduate students on the school's ma

  (202) 885-2018

Tom Fish Media Services Manager SOC - School of Communication

A member of the AU community since 2006, Tom Fish currently serves as Media Services Manager in the School of Communication. He oversees video production and post-production facilities, a newsroom, ph

  (202) 885-2132

Tara Flakker Senior Academic Advisor SOC - School of Communication

Tara Flakker joined the School of Communication in January 2014. Prior to AU, she was an at home parent and community advocate on school food inequity in DC. Before breaking from full time employment

  (202) 885-2088

Last name starts with G

Bria Granville Video Production Coordinator SOC - School of Communication

Bria Granville joined the Office of Communication and Outreach in Spring 2020 as the Video Production Coordinator where she works with her team to engage SOC's community. She is finishing her Mast

Aisha Green Faculty Affairs Coordinator SOC - School of Communication

Aisha Green is the SOC Faculty Affairs Coordinator. She has experience in recruitment, human resources and payroll. She most recently worked with Georgetown University's Summer and Special Program

  (202) 885-2133

Last name starts with H

Kristian Higgins Part Time Staff SOC - School of Communication

Kris is the Director of Operations & Production for the Investigative Reporting Workshop. He has a background in non-profit management, having spent more than a decade overseeing grants and progra

  (202) 885-2679

Last name starts with J

Michael Janssen Digital Editor, Current SOC - School of Communication

Mike became Current's first digital editor in 2014 and began writing for Current in 2000, covering primarily public radio and digital initiatives in public media. Mike has also written for a varie

Ellen Jimenez Administrative Coordinator SOC - School of Communication

Ellen Jimenez joined the School of Communication staff in the summer of 2008 as the Senior Administrative Assistant for the undergraduate office. She previously worked at Cesar Chavez Public Charter S

  (202) 885-2089

Last name starts with K

Jean Kinnahan McGee Senior Graduate Academic Advisor SOC - School of Communication

Jean McGee serves as the graduate advisor for all graduate students in the School of Communication: full-time, part-time, weekend,  and online.Jean advises the graduate students from the time their de

  (202) 885-2078

Katerina Kulagina Assistant Dean for Graduate Academic Services SOC - School of Communication

Dr. Katerina Kulagina joined American University’s School of Communication in 2017. She oversees graduate marketing, recruitment and retention, graduate curriculum, online partnership, graduate advisi

  (202) 885-2272

Last name starts with M

Jeffrey Madison Director of Technology Services SOC - School of Communication

Former television director; former Walt Disney Studios Writing Fellow and Hollywood scripter; former airline pilot; current award-winning screenwriter and director; current aviation columnist and publ

  (202) 885-2888

Theora Milledge Director, Communication & Outreach SOC - School of Communication

As Director of Communication and Outreach, Tia oversees communication strategy for the School of Communication to better engage current and prospective students, alumni and donors. She coordinates clo

  (202) 885-3695

Last name starts with N

Tariq Nadim Graduate Program Specialist SOC - School of Communication

Tariq Nadim joined SOC as the Graduate Program Specialist in March 2020. Tariq recently moved back to the U.S. from Australia where he spent most of his career in international education. Tariq brings

Last name starts with P

Kristi Plahn-Gjersvold Assistant Dean of Administration and Strategic Initiatives SOC - School of Communication

In her role as Assistant Dean for Administration & Strategic Initiatives, Kristi provides leadership for the School of Communication’s external research funding administration, execution of strate

  (202) 885-2059

Last name starts with R

Laura Ragusa Asst Dean-Budget and Technology SOC - School of Communication

Laura Murray has been a staff member at American University since 1977. Currently she works as the Assistant Dean for Budget and Facilities in the School of Communication. Her unit is responsible for

  (202) 885-2063

Varsha Ramani Director of Operations, Cmsi SOC - School of Communication

Varsha Ramani is the Communication & Program Manager for the Center for Media & Social Impact (CMSI). She is a marketing communications professional with an expertise in building relationships

  (202) 885-3641

Pamela Roberts Director, IRW Development SOC - School of Communication

Pamela Roberts brings to IRW decades of nonprofit fundraising experience connecting donor interests with the missions of strong organizations. She raised philanthropic support for Imagination Stage, t

  (202) 885-3601

Laura Rogers Business Manager, Current SOC - School of Communication

I've been with SOC/Current as manager of business and circulation since 2005. The majority of my career has been accounting and office management positions for non-profit organizations.

  (202) 885-6412

Last name starts with S

Lydia Schindler Part Time Staff SOC - School of Communication

As SOC Special Projects Manager, Lydia is responsible for managing all aspects of the Dean's Internship program (recruitment, application process, promotion, and student engagement) and SOC partne

  (202) 885-2220

Shaun Schroth Adjunct Instructor SOC - School of Communication

Shaun oversees the Photography Labs at American. These include the darkroom, film processing, studio, and digital work areas in the Media Production Center.

  (202) 885-2094

Matthew Smith Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs SOC - School of Communication

Cavalry Scout US Army Veteran (2006 to 2010) from Texas.  Worked at the University of Texas at Austin in the Liberal Arts Deans Office from 2014 to 2019.  Moved to DC in 2019 and began work at the Ame

Last name starts with T

Last name starts with V

Teresa Valais Instructional Designer SOC - School of Communication

Teresa Valais designs learning blueprints for asynchronous and hybrid learning. She brings expertise in learning theory, instructional design, online facilitation, and faculty development to her work

  (202) 885-1036

Last name starts with W

Brianna Williams Online Content Manager SOC - School of Communication

Brianna Williams joined SOC in August 2019 as the Online Content Manager on the Communications and Outreach team. Prior to working at AU, she worked in multimedia content production and social media m