Customized Programs

Unique agency challenges deserve unique and customizable solutions. With nearly 40 years of experience with leadership development, the Key Executive Leadership Programs have provided customizable leadership development programs for federal agencies, state government, local government, and international governments.

Custom Programs with the Key Executive Leadership Programs are designed to engender "horizontal" (new skills and behaviors) and "vertical" (increased ability to take the perspectives of others, question long held assumptions, etc.) development. The emphasis on both horizontal and vertical development increases participants' capacity to be self-guided, self-motivated, and self-evaluative. This approach also increases participants' capacity to develop a strategic "systems" mindset, leverage diversity, manage conflict for positive results, understand and use strategies that engage employees and apply best practices for stimulating creativity and innovation.

The Key Approach to Customization

Key Executive Leadership Programs Approach to Customization

Needs Assessment: Executives from your agency will meet with a team of KEY faculty and staff to identify your objectives, assess your needs, understand your constraints, and establish deliverables.

Program and Curriculum Design: Taking into account your agency's objectives, KEY will design a program structure and curriculum that is tailored to meet your leadership development goals, preferred schedule, and budget requirements.

Program Delivery and Refinement: The custom program content is delivered by leading scholar practitioners in the public sector. During the delivery of the program, curriculum and program refinements are made to ensure an optimal learning environment.

Program Evaluation: If desired, at the conclusion of the program, KEY faculty and staff will assist agency executives in evaluating program results. Key faculty and staff will review the evaluation with agency representatives and make joint recommendations for improving the program.

Programs Available for Customization

Agencies have the option to implement one of our current certificate programs or we can tailor a program to meet the needs of your agency or organization.

Custom programs can range from 10 days to 34 days, include executive coaching, Action Learning and/or ECQ writing.

Key Executive Leadership Certificate

Key Integrated Program

Action Learning for Federal Agencies

Key Executive Leadership Certificate with Action Learning and ECQ Writing

Developing Leaders for a Complex World

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For additional information and to discuss the leadership development needs of your agency or organization, please contact Bob Tobias.

By the Numbers

81 percent of graduates stated that Key positioned them for larger management roles in their agency.