About the Key Executive Leadership Certificate

Based on the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) developed by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the Key Executive Leadership Certificate is designed to provide a unique experience for enthusiastic and seasoned manager who have an interest in strengthening management skills, heightening leadership skills, and furthering their public service career.

The Key program creates a participative and rigorous learning environment in which students acquire contemporary public management knowledge, values, and skills; develop the personal leadership capacity needed to implement what they learn; transform themselves from good managers to extraordinary leaders; and become lifelong learners.

Key Distinguishing Factors

Immediate application: The Program is not theoretical; rather, students are challenged to immediately apply what they learn in their workplace and report the results for discussion in the classroom.

Time to learn, and time to choose to initiate changed behavior: Because the Program is 32 class days over several months, students have an opportunity to learn new ideas in the classroom, seek to apply them, come back to class and discuss the results, and continue the experimental cycle.

Alignment with ECQs: Each of the eight courses is linked to an Office of Personnel Management Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) required for Senior Executive Service (SES) consideration.

Results: Students/graduates of the program, supervisors of the students/graduates of the program, and a 360° evaluation that reveals significant improvement in behavior change.