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SPA Graduate Student Council

School of Public Affairs. Graduate Student Council.

Executive Board

President, Ethan Han
Vice President, Maggie Cummings
Chief of Staff, John Lenox
Director of Finance, Saratkumar Varanasi

Mission Statement

The School of Public Affairs Graduate Student Council advocates for all graduate students. We are a student-elected, student-led, and student-managed organization. We aim to continuously hear the expressed concerns and needs of the student body to serve as a liaison between students and the SPA administration. Our mission is to use our position as student leaders to ensure that all student voices are heard, all needs are addressed, and to provide a well rounded graduate student experience that fosters relationship building and professional growth.

About Us

The Graduate Student Council is composed of an Executive Board, Program Representatives, and Committee Chairpersons. Together, we foster programming aimed at building community and targeting areas of both professional and personal growth for graduate students. 

Each fall semester, we run elections for Program Representatives and Committee Chairpersons and each spring semester, we run elections for the Executive Board. We encourage all students with an interest in student leadership and giving back to the SPA community, to run. Details are shared via email and social media. 

For additional support, reach out to us via our contact information below. We'd love to hear from you!

Facebook: SPA Graduate Student Council
Twitter: SPA Graduate Student Council
AU Graduate Leadership Council: 

The Public Purpose Journal

The Public Purpose is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal presenting the work of graduate students from the SPA Departments of Government; Justice, Law, and Criminology; and Public Administration and Policy. Founded in 2003, The Public Purpose is supported by the SPA Graduate Student Council, with involvement and guidance of SPA faculty. More information can be found at the Public Purpose website.