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AU statement on student involvement during off-campus demonstrations and protests

June 15, 2020

American University defends the right to free expression, including the freedom to express dissent within the context of the law and responsibility for one’s actions. The University has a long standing policy on Freedom of Expression and Dissent, and are regularly affirmed as institutional values.  No student who is enrolling or has a pending application will be affected by disciplinary actions arising from their participation in peaceful and lawful protests, so long as their personal conduct is consistent with that policy.  In addition, students’ financial aid status with the University will not be impacted.

The Dean of Students office will not penalize enrolled students’ rights to peaceful and lawful protest.  No disciplinary action will be taken if students are arrested off-campus for protesting peacefully and/or violating curfews related to protesting.  If the protest occurs on campus and the individual causes injuries to others or damage to property, the student code of conduct will be enforced.