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Communication Strategies

General Communication Expectations

Establishing proactive and consistent communication with faculty and staff will help you set up successful pathways as you navigate your time at AU.

Ways to Proactively Engage:
  • Know your course syllabi - instructors provide clear expectations related to course engagement and communication
  • Build rapport with faculty by connecting with them before or after class
  • Utilize office hours - faculty and staff are available to discuss your concerns in a one-on-one setting through office and drop-in hours
  • Schedule with an Academic Coach to practice your conversation with your faculty and review your communication plan

Contacting Your Instructors

For many students, sending emails to faculty members when requesting additional flexibility can be a daunting task. We recommend including some specific details that can help facilitate communication between the student and instructor.

Sample Details:
  • Introduction - who are you and which class section are you in
  • What happened - what contributed to you missing class(es)
  • What you are seeking - based on the absence(s) (e.g., additional time for a specific assignment, a one-on-one meeting to discuss your course progress)
  • What you are doing - which actions have you taken, or will you take, to address the concern(s) that impacted your course participation
  • Sign off summary - expressing your recommitment to the course and the action steps you are implementing to reengage academically

Interested in learning about strategies to use when crafting appropriate emails? Check out the AU Academic Coaching resources for Email Management or the Purdue OWL Writing Lab!