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Digital Signs, Flyers & Advertising Events at Housing & Residence Life

Advertisements can be submitted for events/programs that are sponsored by a recognized student organization or University department. All flyers, posters, and digital signage in residence halls must adhere to the guidelines below.

We have 11 digital screens located throughout residence halls that rotate advertisements. To advertise on our screens, follow the procedure and requirements below. 


  • Only one ad per event will be advertised on the monitors.
  • Ads for an event can only be displayed for a maximum of 2 weeks. Any ads that require an application process/provide general campus information can be displayed for a maximum of 3 weeks.
  • Visibility will vary on number of current advertisements received by HRL.
  • HRL reserves the right to change, delay, or halt regular programming for maintenance, updates, or special events, as necessary.

Content Format & Requirements

Content displayed on the digital signage system must meet the following minimum requirements before it will be approved and scheduled for display:

All materials must be neat and legible.

Ads must be formatted horizontally (no exceptions).

Format: .PDF, .PNG, .JPEG

Aspect Ratio: Formatted horizontally (ONLY) 11 in X 8.5 in

Pixel formatting (1375 px X 1063 px)

Readability: Each monitor has a playlist that is on loop 24/7. Each ad will display for 15 seconds at a time in that playlist.

To submit a posting e-mail Housing & Residence Life:

Posting Process:

  • All posting materials should be brought to the HRL office in Anderson Hall to be approved by the Director of Residence Life. Once approved, use the guidelines listed above to hang your flyers in each hall.
    • Center for Student Involvement (CSI) recognized student organizations must be active on EngageAU. HRL front desk staff will confirm. All other recognized student organizations must receive an approval stamp from their sponsoring school or department.
    • The Residence Hall Association and Hall Councils must receive approval from their organization advisers prior to copying their posters/flyers.
    • University departments must have the approval stamp to have their materials posted within the residence halls. Flyers should list the department name and contact on the flyer/poster.

What can be posted:

  • Flyers (8 ½ x 11 in.) or posters (no larger than 11 x 17 in.) providing information about events. Items larger than these dimensions must have prior approval.
  • Only AU-recognized student organizations and university offices may post in residence halls.
  • All postings must specify in English (other languages may be used in addition) the date, time, and location of the event, and the name and contact information of the sponsoring organization/department (if applicable).
  • Posters about events/activities should not be posted earlier than 3 weeks from the date of the event, and will be removed the day after the event occurs.
  • Materials may not advertise alcohol, drugs, gambling, or anything that would be a violation of university policies, found here:

Where items can be posted:

  • Materials posted by student organizations will only be posted on general posting bulletin boards as determined by Housing & Residence Life professional staff. They will not be posted directly on walls, glass surfaces, or elevators.
  • Materials posted by Resident Assistants, Hall Councils, and the Residence Hall Association may be posted throughout the hall.

Please Note:
Posting materials not in accordance with this policy may face charges through the Office of Student Accountability & Restorative Practices. Unapproved and outdated materials will be promptly removed by the residence hall staff. Please e-mail special requests or questions to

Who can request table space in a lobby or common area:

  • Tables must be sponsored by AU-recognized student organizations or University departments. Common areas include the courtyard immediately outside of residence hall living communities (including the Letts/Anderson Quad area).

What can be distributed while tabling:

  • Only items adhering to University policy may be distributed at tables. Consult with your adviser for further information about these policies. The selling of individual unwrapped or self-prepared foods is prohibited. Games and raffles defined as gambling are also prohibited.

Important information about residence hall table space:

  • Tables must be checked out from and returned to the front desk of the hall in which you are tabling. The table and up to two (2) chairs must be placed to the side of the residence hall lobby or an approved location in the common areas. Only one table per residence hall lobby is permitted. Housing & Residence Life reserves the right to select, change, or refuse the location of a table to ensure the safe passage of residents through the lobby, however, attempts will be made to select a location that allows for visibility. No additional furniture is permitted.
  • Because of the popularity of tabling, and the possibility of multiple organizations wishing to table for the same reasons, tabling for one organization/department cannot occur more than two times per week and no more than a total of six times per semester. Housing & Residence Life reserves its right to restrict tabling to certain dates during the year.
  • Members of the sponsoring organization/department must staff the table at all times by currently enrolled AU students, faculty, or staff, and abide by all residence hall regulations.
  • Due to space constraints, a maximum of three (3) individuals from the organization/department may staff the table at any time. At least one individual is required to be behind the table at all times.
  • Direct solicitation is not permitted.

Process for reserving residence hall space for tabling:

  • At least two weeks before the start of tabling, an EMS request must be submitted for the tabling location. The EMS system can be accessed here. Once you choose the building, scroll until you find “TBL1.” An e-mail must also be sent to containing a copy of any materials being distributed at the table.
  • The appropriate Housing & Residence Life staff member will approve, deny, or detail any modifications required and will inform the sponsoring organization/department of any required changes via e-mail. No request for tabling made in person or by telephone will be honored.
  • If an organization has an outside space reserved and it rains, the tables are not permitted to be moved into the residence hall lobbies. An alternate reservation will need to be made for another time.
  • The sponsoring organization/department must secure the delivery and pick-up of the table being used by coordinating with Facilities Management by submitting a 2Fix request. Tables and chairs cannot obstruct exits and/or pathways in the residence halls.